RAMBLINGS...............August, 2012

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By:  Diane Sawdon

Procrastination is a wonderful thing.   I have never been big on this character trait, but I think I am going to adopt it this month.  For the life of me, I cannot come up with anything to ramble about for this missive.   Was the past month of July that uneventful??  Maybe I slept too much, but I doubt that since I am out of the rack by 5:30-6:00a.m. every day.   I could go stare at the calendar page for July and see if anything I wrote down would jump out at me as awe inspiring.  

I know we celebrated the 4th of July with good friends and neighbors.   We ate a delicious meal and played an evil game of Dominoes which I promptly lost.   But my last place ranking is nothing new.  I could be a Champion Cellar Dweller.  I know I should take these games more seriously, but I enjoy the comaraderie of friends and watching others partake of the competitive spirit.  I guess the only one I will compete with is myself and that, too, can be a challenge.

My Better Half and I celebrated our 44th Wedding Anniversary this past month.   That, in itself, is a reason to be proud.  The owner of the restaurant commented to us as he seated us that “life must be good because you are still laughing with each other.”   I thought that was a genuine comment.   If we cannot laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at???

Lots of work days in July.  It is Holiday Time in the gift store.  No, we are not decorating yet, but I have spent a good portion of the past three weeks unpacking box after box of Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas items.   The customers look at what I am doing and raise their collective eyebrows in distaste as to why I am unwrapping  these items in the summer months.   We are not rushing the seasons.  This is the nature of the beast called “retail.”   And then there was the woman, who last week, wanted to know when we were putting out the Halloween decorations. 

We finally made it to Scott’s Flat Lake for a kayaking adventure.   Our arrival was welcomed by Mother Nature who provided us with some very clear and serene waterscapes.    We kept asking ourselves why we do not take advantage of this retreat more often.   The lake is about twelve minutes from our house.  Mabel and Marvin (kayaks) were overjoyed to be in water once again.   They have endured too many months in the dusty and hot garage.   We did not reveal to them that they would be returning to the Lakes Basin Area in just a few weeks and then to Lake Tahoe in September.  

Long hours and long days getting all the appropriate paperwork completed to list my Mother’s house in Walnut Creek.   I am thrilled to share that it is on MLS in Contra Costa County.   Right now would be the perfect opportunity (since you are my captive audience) to expound on the innumerable virtues of said house, but I shall leave that to my Broker.

One last rant--------this is not a rambling.  This is a pet peeve.  I adore facebook.   It has connected me with so many former students and co-workers and old friends who I thought I would never hear from or see again in my lifetime.  It is, also, an excellent way to keep in touch with family.   I love you all, but I abhor those little faces that so many people are making at the end of their posts.   With these old eyes, I cannot discern if I am looking at eyebrows, whiskers or some personal body parts.  Sorry everyone!  Keep posting, though.

Looking back over this page, I guess I should adopt procrastination more often.   Driving home from work last Thursday night, I felt summer sliding into fall........................... 




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Jan Green
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What a great read!  Ramblings can be interesting.  It's as if the mind is dusting off the shelves.  Have a great day!

Aug 06, 2012 06:08 AM