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Hi. My name is Randy Sumbles with The Sumbles Team. My wife Kathe and I made the decision to join Keller Williams in September of 2005. You can access Keller Williams information at but I wanted to personally give you the reasons we teamed up with Keller Williams.


The Best of Both Worlds 

Keller Williams is a national franchise and each office is independently owned and operated. Each agent is an independent contractor. You have your freedom and get the many benefits of a national company. Be your own boss and have the tools to make you a success.

Keller Williams is the fastest growing real estate company in America. There's a reason, actually numerous reasons.


The education resources are unbelievable. Many courses are on-line and seminars are available year round at the home offices in Austin, Texas. Lead generation, listing resources, how to get buyers, how to compete in a down market, how to grow a team and how to handle discounters, are just a few examples of courses at your disposal.

Before we joined Keller Williams, we went to a week long event in Austin called Mega Agent Camp. This is an event for all agents, not just KW, that do $6 million a year plus. We figured we could learn a lot about Keller Williams and could make a better decision about joining. By noon the first day, we knew we were joining Keller Williams. I can't fully describe the atmosphere, but it was unlike anything we had ever witnessed before.

We continued the classes and the information was overwhelming.  The Keller Williams model is a proven system that helps you to grow your business at your own pace. We immediately joined Keller Williams and started implementing what we learned. The results have been dramatic.

On a local level, our Little Rock office has training classes numerous times each week. Many of our top agents help to teach and it creates a very supportive atmosphere. This emphasis on training is a valuable tool and it keeps us a step ahead of the competition. I have never heard of a company that put education first and foremost. It has been a tremendous help for our team. We welcome agents from other brokers to come experience this training first hand.

Name Branding

We are The Sumbles Team first, with Keller Williams Realty second. Look at our signs and our ads. Our emphasis is on our business, The Sumbles Team, Inc. Look at all other real estate signs, what logo do you see? You see the company, then if you slow way down, you see the agent's name. Who are you doing business for, yourself or your company? Keller Williams philosophy is for you to "Name Brand" yourself. This will make you more successful and therefore Keller Williams is more successful. It just makes sense

100% Company with An Absolute Cap

Every Keller Williams agent pays the same amount to the company. There are no special deals and therefore it is a fair and equitable system. The company dollar for this market center is $22,000 per year and the franchise fee is $3,000 per year. Once this $25,000 is paid, you earn 100%, minus a $50 transaction fee, of your commission for the rest of the year. That's it! No confusing sliding scale. It is the only true 100% company in this industry. The only monthly fees you have are less than $100 per month and they are paid by every agent in this business.

When you grow your business, you keep your profit. It is a great deal.

Profit Sharing

Once a market center pays off its startup costs and becomes profitable, appoximately 45% of all market center profit goes back to the agents twho have helped us grow the market center. It is a way to earn residual income in an industry that is typically commission only. You help our market center grow and you reap in the benefits. You can listen to the rumors or come profit from the truth with our model.


This is the Associate Leadership Council. This group is made up of agents in our market center and they make all the decisions regarding the market center. The agents set the policies of the market center, not the broker. This is very unique and is more like an agent democracy rather than a broker dictatorship. If you are unhappy with a rule or regulation, all you have to do is bring it up for the ALC to debate and make a decision on. It is a Win-Win for everyone.

Supportive Atmosphere

All of this leads to a very supportive, sharing and friendly atmosphere in our market center. We are all in the same business and we will compete with each other from time to time. The difference is, we help each other, do the right thing and work together to grow not only our business but that of the market center as well. We are all a part of the whole. We love sharing our story because it is real, exciting and gives us the tools to be better people and succeed.

Call me on my direct line at (501) 960-4111 if you want to further discuss the Keller Williams difference.

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Laura Monroe
Inman News - San Francisco, CA
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Hey Randy! Welcome to AR! Great first blog. In the spirit of Keller Williams I invite you to take a look at the Groups area near the top right hand of your page. There is a Keller Williams Rainers Group you might be interested joining. You will fit right in!  Looking forward to more interesting stuff.


Jan 11, 2007 09:36 AM
Tony and Suzanne Marriott, Associate Brokers
Serving the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale Metropolitan Area - Scottsdale, AZ
Coldwell Banker Realty
Randy - Fortunately it only took us two years to reach the same conclusion.  We "landed the balloon" in August 2006 - and haven't regretted it for a moment!
Feb 13, 2007 10:35 AM