203K is about to get better in South Portland Maine

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okay she didn't see my last post I am having so much fun with Dragon Naturally speaking by nuance. I am dictating this directly on my computer and it is a ball.

South Portland Maine's about to get a new consultant. I've been working with Dan Link of accurate home inspections the past few weeks getting him tuned up and ready to get out there and gets in 203K help to that region. Then, having been a whole inspector for years in that region and a an adjuster for fire damaged homes fluent in fire restoration is perfect for the 203K.

FHA 203K is exactly what Dan has been tuned up for preparing for years he just didn't know it. So now we have a home inspector who has been trained to do exactly what of 203K consultant does and that aligning with his 203K consultant training is perfect for this business. The region is really well prepared once Dan is fully up and running.

I understand that already has a couple of lender clients lined up. Of course homeowners consumers can contact them directly and he'll lead you to a good lender for this program. I'm happy to say that Dan is a team player and this is important because Realtors, lenders, consumers, all can rest assured they will be getting the best service possible.

Dan is a professional and doesn't need to be told to hurry as all 203K's are a rush, every realtor wants his deal to close quickly. Then was especially sharp in picking up our marketing techniques that show them how to get that done and work with the team to get the achieve goals quick service quick turnaround and accurate inspections.

the 203K is a wonderful way to spread the wealth we invite all contractors to contact Dan get on his bid list as soon as you can. We need good qualified contractors license to the states are working to complete these 203K jobs in a timely manner if you contact Dan within the next week get honest bid list we will give you free of charge our book called "contractors and the FHA 203K program" and you'll be off and running.

Welcome to the Mike young team and welcome to 203K consulting, we know you'll do very well.










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It sounds like Dan is all set for a successful career with 203K programs Mike.

Aug 11, 2012 05:19 PM
Mike Young
203kOnLine.com, covering the USA - Stallings, NC
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Tom, I've only known him for a short time but he is multi-talented. Some people try to get into this field that haven't a clue about what we do. Dan on the other hand has been preparing for this for years. He has bought, repaired, and sold fixers, been a contractor and bid jobs, provided Xactimate bids for fire and water restoration, so he is very well schooled in what we do. I think he'll be very good at it. Thanks for the comment Tom.

Aug 12, 2012 04:08 AM