Brian Buffini Master Mind 2012

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A few months back, I decided to attend the Master Mind Summit held in San Diego and hosted and produced by Brian Buffini.  I have been a member of Buffini and Company since 2004 and have attended a variety of events by Buffini and Company such as the Turning Point, Success Seminar, and training to be a mentor for Peak Performers.  I will be hosting a Peak Performers at my office for anyone who wishes to attend this extremely beneficial event, I promise it will do nothing but help with increasing your business.

My trip started out on Saturday, August 11th at 4:00 when I woke up in order to arrive at the BWI Airport by 6:00.  Arriving 2 hours early is the required policy for United Airlines for check in and when I arrived, it became obvious that 2 hours wasn’t going to be enough.  Delta and US Airways were both moving smoothly but United had a line that was longer than opening day at the Ravens.  After waiting over 3 hours we got to the counter (there were many people in line for the same flight) just to be told that the plane was taking off as we were standing there.  Lesson one I learned on this journey is that communication even if negative is better than none at all.  Not one representative from United came out to explain what was happening or try getting people checked in for the flight.  After getting to the counter, we find that there was a computer glitch which is understandable and would have been forgivable if someone at United took control and made decisions.  I did not see anyone that was able to make decisions on how to solve the problems.  Lesson two, leadership is important especially when there are problems and making a decision is imperative to restoring normalcy. 

United did create a solution, they sent me to Dulles to spend the day, United did pay for cab fare and gave me 10.00 for a meal but the flight left at 5:55 pm, well it was suppose to leave at 5:55,  it actually left at 8:30 pm.  We arrived in San Diego at 10:30 pm local time, which is 2:30 am on Sunday our time and arrived at my hotel where we got a much needed remaining night of sleep.  This day has been a learning experience for those who think on it but I did learn what not to do for our clients.  Working with short sales in Harford County is tough where we communicate with the bank constantly, but we need to keep the client updated as well.  United did not do this thereby causing a lot of hard feelings from many clients with regards to their airline.  I have flown with Southwest and AirTrans and have always had good experiences with them.  Home buyers and sellers will not find a better team than The Nelson Group to help buy or sell a home in Harford, Baltimore or Cecil County.

I am flying home with United and will hold final judgment with how that experience is before making a decision as to whether United has good customer service or is just another big company that doesn’t care.



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