Real Estate Firm Discloses First Time Home Buyer Oak Park MI Mistakes

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Oak Park, MI – Locally based real estate Company Conquest Real Estate Group publicly divulged the frequent errs of a first time home buyer Oak Park MI. Buying a home, whether it is for the first time or done with experience, is always a great investment, says the firm.

However, it can turn out to be more expensive than it should be when one does not understand the buying process. Unfortunately, many buyers are lured in the costly traps that results in home buyers paying too much, losing their dream house to another shopper, or buying a home which does not fit their needs.

There are many great opportunities for a first time buyer Oak Park MI

It is important therefore, to use a systematic approach towards buying a home, and this is especially crucial especially for the first time buyer Oak Park MI. This is to avoid many of the types of purchasing mistakes too often made by excited shoppers, who fail to see many of the key details of buying a home. Conquest Real Estate, through their Trulia account, aims to help the interested Oak Park MI buyers to gain the best investment by evading the errors, as listed below:

  1. Being Unaware of the Credit Rating. Financial establishments allows a first time home buyer Oak Park MI to apply for their mortgage, but these companies use one’s credit rating to verify an individual’s credit history and assess the risks involved in the loan. Credit ratings are scores, which are taken from one’s repayment history. These scores can be affected by the purchases done through credit cards, loans, and payment of bills on schedule.
  2. Unrealistic Purchases. A first time home buyer Oak Park MI may have the tendency to overestimate, or underestimate, the entire value they can afford for a home. When this happens, they are trapped in a contract which lets them suffer greater costs or living in homes which are less than their expectations. Conquest Real Estate says that the solution is getting pre-approved by a lender, for it gives one the idea of what they can afford.
  3. Ignoring the closing costs. Often, it is easy for the first time buyer Oak Park MI to budget for the down payment, but many of these people forget about many of the additional expenses involved with buying a home. Some of these are Property Transfer tax, Appraisal Fee, Property Insurance, Moving Costs, etc.

When buying a home, especially for the first time, it will be helpful to have an expert by one’s side. Conquest Real Estate’s expertise is within Michigan’s communities. Learn about their services at

About Conquest Real Estate Group: The Conquest Real Estate Group helps people looking to purchase real estate within the City of Detroit and the surrounding Metro Detroit suburbs.  The group helps first time home buyers and experienced real estate investors.  Currently, they provide service for real estate properties in Detroit, Southfield, Lathrup Village, Oak Park MI, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Redford, Eastpointe, Harper Woods, and Warren MI.

Conquest Real Estate has different divisions, which helps investors with the entire real estate investing process, including identifying investment properties, rehabbing properties, marketing and tenant placement, and property management.  They have people who understand the entire local Section 8 process, including helping real estate investors pass their Section 8 property inspection and selecting the right tenants with Section 8 payment vouchers.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website at or calling them at (248) 569-1486.

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