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I believe that I give both my buyer and seller clients a little piece of me whenever I work with them. I try to treat them like I would want to be treated and give them support and knowledge that would I want agent to do for me. Though it's not easy work with some clients, and some clients don't appreciate all that you do for them, I try to give all my clients as I'm sure all of you do everything that I can on every transaction that I work. Most of my clients come away very happy with the way the transaction went, their experience during the transaction and with the service that was provided to them. This is what made it very difficult to decide which side of the transaction I was going to write this blog about. But the transaction I was working on over the last two days helped me to decide to write it about buyer side. Regardless of all the work you do for the listing side of the transaction the client is never as satisfied or as happy as a buyer is when they've achieved their ultimate goal and buying a home.A buyers delight, a home in Sun City Grand.

The things I do for a buyer, though nothing extraordinary, are all done to achieve one goal and that is putting them in a home that is as good or better than the one they described to me when I asked them the question, "If you could have any home with any features in any area would they be and where it is?"

The things I do are as follows:
    1) Initial interview with the buyer is the single most important part of the function I provide the buyer.
        The interview lays the groundwork for all the buyers desires and wants and what they can afford.
    2) Market discussion comes next. Here I educate the buyer or buyers as to market conditions and what they can expect when we begin our search.
    3) What is a short sale and REO are discussed next. Most buyers believe they know what a short sale and REO is, but once you sit down and ask them the question, you find that they only had a rough idea. Then we discussed how the process of the sale of each would proceed if they chose one so they could decide the direction they want to take.
    4) The next step depends if the client is an in market or an out of market buyer. If the client is in town and we were sitting in my office I will pull up a sampling of homes that fit the criteria that they had described to me. We will then go to that list you the specifics of the homes and look at the pictures and see if the criteria they laid down for me is actually what they want. If the client is an out-of-town buyer I'll send them several homes that fit criteria that they've established and will review them on the phone and online and see if these are actually what they want. Often I will send them floor plans and specifics about the home to give them a better feel for it.
    5) Now that I have a better but not complete idea what they want, I give the client (that is in my office) several homes that fit the criteria that they described and I'll either send them out to look at the area (if they're familiar with the community) or I will take them out, and view the community and homes if they are available. With my out-of-town clients, once they've chosen several homes I will go and view them. I call them while I'm there to discuss the home and usually video it to send to them so they can get a real good feel for the home and the movement through the home. This gives the client more of a hands-on feel for the home as compared to just pictures and a floor plan.
    6) . We generally go through this process until we find a home that fits all their needs, wants and desires. Hopefully this is a home that will fulfill their dreams at least for the time being. Dealing with first-time homebuyers is a little different than dealing with people who have bought home several times and have a better feel for what they want and how they want it, but is the first time home buyer that generally has more elation is more excited about the purchase.
    7) . Once we find the home, the real work starts. This is where I earn my commissions. Running the comps properly and making them understand the real pricing of the market, not the guestimates that was shown on some of the websites. Getting them to make a realistic offer that could possibly be accepted and getting them the lowest possible price that I can. Some of getting them the best price is making sure they have the right mortgage people work with them. This is usually taking care of during the initial interview (you don't work with someone who's not pre-approved) but it can stretch out long into the sale.
    8)   Writing the offer, presenting the offer and dealing with all the contingencies that happen afterwards, counters and addendum's and so forth are where we earn our keep.
    9)   Once the offer is accepted, then the other processes begin. Arranging for the inspection or inspections depending on the age of the home. Writing the BINSR so that the client can have the house in the best move-in condition that it can be in.
    10)  Now that the inspections are done, and we've agreed on the repairs, comes the time while the client is waiting for the final closing. This is when you have to keep in touch with your client, discussing all the things they can do with their home, sending them things about the area, the neighborhoods and communities, and making sure they don't have buyers remorse. You want them to be very comfortable with their purchase that is to come.
    11)  We are finally I closing day, and I'll be at the title company with my client make them feel comfortable and make sure everything is done properly. With out-of-state client that is having the signing done remotely. Many times I'm on the phone with them during their closing to help them feel comfortable and answer any questions that I can.
    12) The post closing is also very important. One of the first things I like to do once my client is in the home is to take pictures of them in the new surrounding, in their new home and make them a custom website. I present them this website so that they can send it to all of their friends and family and show them the wonderful new home they have just purchased.
    13)   Last but not least, I keep in touch with my client make sure they're happy with their purchase answering questions that will come up, helping them find people to do different things around the house and is generally learning about the new environment that they've just moved into. In many ways the post sale contact is as important as the initial interview. You want your client to feel comfortable in the new surroundings and to remember that you'll always be there to help them. This post sale follow-up allows them to know that they made a good decision, not only in the home they purchased, but in the agent they chose to help them make that purchase.

These are some the steps that I use in dealing with my buyer clients, they often change like the wind and light the buyers that idea with. For no two buyers are exactly the same and no two transactions flow the same way. We have to adapt and change and be there for our clients at all times (this does not mean all hours). In many cases we are the strongest link to the largest purchase that the homebuyer will ever make. Thank you

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Gita Bantwal
RE/MAX Centre Realtors - Warwick, PA
REALTOR,ABR,CRS,SRES,GRI - Bucks County & Philadel

Anyone looking to buy or sell a home in your market area should call you to be their agent.

Aug 13, 2012 08:36 PM
Gene Fraleigh
Long Realty West Valley - Sun City West, AZ
West Valley Real Estate Consultant

Thank you Gita,I appreciate that more than you know. We all try to be all things for our clients, I believe it is more important to listen and act on the things you have heard and seen. Body language is an important part of the listening process, it weeds out the false signs and leaves you with a more defined direction.  We have to get to the bottom line with our clients to help them the most.

Aug 14, 2012 01:41 AM