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My Man Mr. Bluhm
Mr. Bluhm from Washington, after 5 months in escrow, has finally received the approval on the short sale by Wells Fargo. Now, let me tell you something about Wells Fargo! Nevermind! I can't. Because if I do, I might need a censor icon to cover my words. Needless to say, it took a long time for this deal that I have been helping my client realize for almost half year. We started looking at homes in February, went under contract on this home and we are finally at the end of the road. He is elderly. He is not used to how clunky this has gone and now he is amazed by the utter urgency that we now have to close this thing in 8 days. And I unfortunately have to push him get paperwork over to me in an expedient manner and he is not very computer literate. Poor guy. But my aim is to make him happy. He has a tough story; he's surviving the passing away of his wife just last year and his goal is to be near his grand kids in Arizona in his twilight years.

Jim & Carrie - Mission Accomplished
The video above is about my clients Jim and Carrie and they said some nice things about me as I helped to make them happy by giving them their key to their new home today. The back story is that they were searching for homes from January to May and were just about ready to give up. But then Jim called on one of our listings that was unfortunately sold. We talked and I learned how he was not getting the best representation from his current realtor who happened to be a part time realtor as the gentleman is employed at the gym Jim goes to. Of course, in this market we need ambitious people, full timers with energy, to get the job done, to go into escrow by negotiating hard and fast. So, I guess that's why Jim wanted my guidance. We were like two linebackers coming off the ends in a football game, mad-out blitzing the quarter back, possessed with the fire to get a house. And we did it, aggressively, on the eve of the 4th of July, when most people are snoozing, smelling the beer and hot dogs, and waiting for the fire works to come. Not Jim, we made a full price offer on and won our home.

Stephen - We Got This!
Hopefully, my client Stephen, who wrote an offer on a home, wins his negotiation. My thoughts are with him and I am doing all that I can to time the sale of his current home with putting together an escrow on a new home. We have been searching hard for two weeks. Unfortunately, we had to cancel one contract due to health and safety measures not being met. This is part of the game.

Good Times!
It was good to see Royal and Ben, Karen and the rest of my immediate family for dinner. I like the way Royal and Brandon play together. Royal is a kid genius when it comes to social conversations and reading. My son is, well, fun and loves to play video games. Yet, they seem to get along really well. Today, earlier in the morning, Marissa and I were hiding from her mother. We went under the covers in her bed and were silent. Then Marissa got bored and I fell asleep for another hours. Hey, Monday is my day off. Yet and still, I worked on all of the above today and, further, I am thankful to have all these incredible on-goings.

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