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I recently had occasion to visit a newly-built real estate office building in a nearby town.  The destination location was hard won, neighbours had to be mollified, extra costs were incurred in the developing, and it looks truly fine.

The reception area is ultra-modern and clean in design. New furnishings and artwork lend to the impression of crisp newness – right down to matching coffee mugs and no plastic stir-sticks in a cardboard container.  Office spaces are efficient, small,  modular desks – nary a filing cabinet to be seen – and floor-to-ceiling glass on the interior side and narrow tall panes on the road side.

The old adage of having a room with a view or a “corner office” for top achievers may have gone the way of the dodo bird – I think it’s more conducive to clear thinking and accomplishing transactions if one can raise one’s head from time to time and get a look at something other than four walls and a wooden door.

Instead of “Lemme out!” it’s “Lemme in!” for REALTORS® who have a room with a view.


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Sherry Rondeau

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