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5 Myths About the Real Estate Profession

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When I talk to someone about a career in real estate, I frequently discover that they hold a misguided belief in one (or all) of the following myths.

Real estate is a good career, but allow me to debunk these myths before you quit your day job! 

5 Real Estate Myths Debunked

1-A Real Estate Agent Works Flexible Hours

If by flexible, you mean the opportunity to work 7 days a week and evenings, yes, real estate agents have flexible hours!

Home buyers look for property in their free time, which is nights and weekends.

2-A Real Estate Agent Just Shows Houses

Oh pleez! On a typical day, you will

Analyze feedback

Be accountable

Create a marketing campaign 

Diagnose the problem

Evaluate comparable market analysis

Find a way

Gauge buyer needs

Host an open house  

Investigate a creepy basement

Justify price

Know the competition


Make an offer and (1) counter and (2) counter (3) and counter

Negotiate everything

Offer a shoulder to cry on

Prepare a listing presentation

Quit while you’re ahead

Recommend lender, landscaper, and lunch spot

Settle a dispute(s)

Take action


Vote someone off the island

Write a blog post

Xplain multiple offer process

Yodel (only kidding!  just checking to see that you’re keeping up!)

Zip here, there, and everywhere


AND show houses


3-A Real Estate Agent is Just a Salesperson

Good agents are good sales people, but they also run their own business. If you don’t know how to manage a business, you will go broke fast.

Agent Inc. includes the following departments: accounting, human resources, sales, marketing, public relations, legal, customer service, tax, and regulatory. Understand them all.

4-A Real Estate Agent Has No Business Expenses

Granted you don’t need a warehouse full of widgets, but you need more than a business card and a car to get started.   Below are some typical expenses.

Continuing education and private coaching

Licensing fees, association dues, and insurance

Advertising and marketing expenses

Computer equipment, software, and tech support

Mobile phone

Web site design and maintenance

Office supplies

Monthly fee to Broker

Health insurance premium


AND the car


5-A Real Estate Agent Makes a Lot of Money


Real Estate agents earn a good living or not. See all of the above!

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Erv Fleishman
Realty Associates - Boca Raton, FL
Luxury Prop Specialist Realty Associates

Truths that start with "all" are always false. 

The devil is always in the details. 

Aug 14, 2012 01:48 AM