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Going to School on an Island at RB Hunt Elementary School!     

On a sleepy little island in Saint Augustine Florida, there is a beautiful bricked schoolhouse surrounded by massive oak trees called RB Hunt Elementary School.  With our historic lighthouse as a backdrop, this charming school is a delight to pull up to each morning. RB Hunt is the only elementary school on Anastasia Island and it is one of the most sought after schools in St Johns County!

This year 2012 - 2013 school begins on Monday, August 20.  The complete calendar can be found on site  The children need to bring all their supplies with them on day one and they are by grade, as follows:

R. B. Hunt Elementary School Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List
Large backpack (large enough to hold a folder and lunchbox)
No rolling backpacks, please
1 pair of Fiskar brand blunt scissors
1 plastic pencil box (5”x 8” medium)
6 large glue sticks
2 large containers of wet wipes
2 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons
1 package of 8 Classic (Fat) Crayola Markers (washable)
1 package of 8 Classic (Thin) Crayola Markers (washable)
1 1 inch three ring binder
1 box of tissues
A roll of paper towels
Hand sanitizer (clear and 60% alcohol)
Headphones (no ear buds)
1 quart size box of One-Zip freezer bags (girls) and paper lunch bags
1 gallon size box of One-Zip freezer bags (boys) and paper plates
1 ream of copy paper

First Grade Supply List
Backpack (no rolling backpacks)
package of #2 pencils (24)
6 large glue sticks
crayons (16 or 24 count)
1 pair of “Fiskar” brand scissors
pencil box (5”x 8”)
2 heavy pocket folders with horizontal pockets
1 black & white composition book
1 roll of paper towels
1 box of tissues
1 box of baby wipes
boys-box of Ziploc baggies-gallon size
girls-box of Ziploc baggies-quart size
1 large bottle of hand sanitizer (unscented and clear)
1 ream of copy paper

Second Grade Supply List
Backpack (no rolling backpacks)
2 black & white composition books
#2 pencils
crayons (24 count or less)
2 heavy pocket folders (kind with pictures)
1 pair of “Fiskar” brand scissors (child size)
“Spacemaker” plastic pencil box (5”x 8”)
2 packages of wide-ruled notebook paper (not college ruled)
1 pkg. 12 Crayola colored pencils
1 ream of copy paper
1 bottle of hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes
1 box wet-wipes
4 glue sticks
Addition and Subtraction Fact Cards
boys-1 quart size box of Ziploc baggies and a roll of paper towels
girls-1 gallon size box Ziploc baggies and a box of tissues

Third Grade Supply List
Backpack, preferably non-rolling
2 pack of notebook paper (wide-ruled)
3 composition notebooks (marbled cover)
3 folders w/brads and pockets (red, blue,green)
pack of #2 pencils (24)
glue stick
crayons (16-20) or colored pencils
pair of “Fiskar” scissors
headphones (no ear buds)
1 inch binders
Expo white board markers
1 quart size box of freezer zip bags (girls), and 1 gallon size of freezer zip
bags (boys)
1 box of Kleenex
1 hand sanitizer
1 ream of copy paper
*no names on supplies; supplies will be collected and distributed as

Fourth Grade Supply List
Backpack-preferably not rolling
2 packages of 12 pencils-sharpened (total 24)
2 red checking pens
1 highlighter
2 composition books
2 spiral notebooks
1 pack of notebook paper
1 each-red, blue, green, yellow & purple prongs & pocket folders
1 pkg. crayons and colored pencils
1 pair “Fiskar” scissors
2 glue sticks
1 box of tissues
1 roll of paper towels
boys –quart ziplock bags
girls –gallon ziplock bags
1 large pink eraser

1 inch 3-ring binder
1 package of dry erase markers
1 ream of copy paper
*no names on supplies; supplies will be collected and distributed as

Fifth Grade Supply List
Backpack-preferably not rolling
3 packages #2 pencils
3 packages notebook paper
2 black & white composition book
5 pocket folders without brads (red, blue, green, yellow & purple)
1 highlighter pen
1 pair small scissors
2 glue stick
Red or blue pen for checking
1 box of crayons (at least 16)
Color pencils or markers
1 box of tissues, 1 roll paper towels
1 ream of copy paper
1 box of Ziplock baggies: (Boys bring gallon size;
Girls bring quart size)
wet wipes
1 Ream copy paper
1 Bottle of hand sanitizer
2 pkg. Graphing paper
2 pkg. Index Cards

Note: This is the general grade list.
Individual teachers may request additional items once school starts.
****A donation of wet wipes to Mrs. Watson’s Art Room would
be very much appreciated.

The teachers are outstanding and they truly care for the children and their futures. With the ocean, the Alligator Farm, and the lighthouse so closely located, field trips are fun and exciting and right in their own back yard! The children grow gardens and are on turtle patrol and take part hands on with many different projects outside of the school.
Elementary school is the foundation for the education that our children will have for years of study to come. For many children, their like or dislike of school begins here. RB Hunt is a wonderful place to learn, play and learn valuable social skills. if you are thinking of a move to Saint Augustine Florida, remember to come to the island and visit our most popular school, RB Hunt Elementary!

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Diane - Great information for anyone who will be sending a child back to RB Hunt elementary school this month!

Aug 14, 2012 07:47 AM
Sussie Sutton
David Tracy Real Estate - Houston, TX
David Tracy Real Estate for Buyers & Sellers

School is starting Yikes! I am not ready for.... are your ready? "SCHOOL ZONES" oh yeah I need to get over it.

Aug 14, 2012 01:17 PM
Captain Wayne - Rowlett Real Estate School
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Rowlett Real Estate School / Owner and Instructor

It is that time of year again Diane, I'm sure Hunt Elementary School appreciates you sharing the supply list with all the mothers getting ready for the first day of school.   Keep up the good work!

Aug 15, 2012 10:46 PM
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

I went today for a school orientation. When I talked to one of the staff members, she sang 'back to reality'. That song stuck with me for the whole day!

''Back to life, back to reality
Back to life, back to reality
Back to life, back to reality
Back to the here and now, yeah...''

:) vacation is over next Monday. So soon!

Aug 05, 2014 05:34 PM