Treasuries Fall on Higher-Than-Forecast Inflation

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Treasuries fell as higher-than- forecast reports on inflation and industrial production may reduce speculation the Federal Reserve will lower borrowing costs by more than a half-percentage point this month.

Yields on benchmark 10-year notes were near the lowest level in more than four years. The housing slowdown and losses on securities linked to subprime mortgages have led investors to push the yields down in the past month by the most in more than two decades on bets the economy will fall into recession.

There are even talks that the FED may come in with an inter-meeting rate cut!!

Some analysts are even talking about a THREE QUARTER OF A PERCENT RATE CUT?!!?


The central bank hasn't eased by more than 50 basis points in a single move since Oct. 2, 1984!!

It looks like a rate cut for seems the only question now is...HOW MUCH??


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