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After dropping Marissa off at her Pre-K school, I thought how nice it is to drive her there and walk her to her classroom. She so enjoys looking at the fish on the walls of the Adventure Childcare Center's main entrance. I love also how she likes to skip to her classroom and say good morning to her teacher Ms. Mary.

Today, however, when Carey and I went to pick her up, Ms. Mary looked at us with a semi-grim face. Marissa was still in deep slumber on her little cot during nap time, which also coincides with our pickup of her. Ms. Mary exclaimed, "Marissa was scratched in the face by another little girl at lunch time." When I asked why, she replied, "Because the other girl did not like that Marissa was eating with her mouth open." After I told Ms. Mary that it was Ok, she then explained how she wrote a report that we would be able to sign tomorrow.

"Report!" I replied, "Has the police been notified?" I continued to joke about it and say things like how it was no big deal and that stuff like that happens all the time. She was relieved with my light hearted attitude.

But when we got to the car, Carey and I began to help her Marissa to feel confident about using her self defense skills that she has picked up in Taekwondo. She is an orange belt.

"High block, Marissa!" we kept giggling and saying, "High block! It's ok to use your taekwondo when someone tries to attack you!" and "Please try to close your mouth when you chew on your food."

We then went off to Scottsdale and bought a Dodge Journey SUV.

Notes: Stephen did indeed go into escrow today. Worked with Mr. Bluhm over the phone assisting him in getting his paperwork through the technology world. Now just enjoying the kids and hoping the Giants can hang on to beat the amazing Washington Nationals. We ate Panda Express tonight because I was just way hungry and tired.

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