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It seems like I'm always On the Fence. As blogs go, I'm thinking I may be the worst person EVER  to do a blog.  Most of the time I'm simply gray, not black, not white, just gray.   I'm a fence sitter.  I can see two sides to most arguments.  A tornado with the most decisive, persuasive opinions can come along and I hold onto that fence for dear life.  


Lets just say I hate to come down on the wrong side of right...how weak is that?   Exceptions to this rule are arguments for the rights of children and animals.  Even I draw the line there.  


There are so many people who think they are always right and have made a fantastic living insisting they are right about being right:  Nancy Grace, Howard Stern, every politician in the United States, just to name a multitude.  I would love to be in their shoes but then I think, isn't there two sides to every story?

Of course, I could write only factual blogs with no editorial comment but how interesting would that be? And it's really funny that my best friends and my husband are all pretty opinionated.  

And forget politics.  I can see the absolute worst in all politicians, no matter which party they represent. I do love a great orator but that doesn't mean I don't see a sleezy snake in his or her smile.


So where do I go with this?  More boring blogs or do I search for the illusive opinion.  More to come!



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Keller Williams Realty Elite Partners - CIPS,GRI,S

Find something you are passionate about and fire away!  It doesn't have to be something controversial.  Our opinions make us who we are anyway.

Aug 19, 2012 09:19 AM