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yuba city short sale agant and default advocate mike rigleyYuba City Short Sale Success comes in many shapes and sizes. This particular Yuba City short sale at 2600 Red Bud Lane in Yuba City should have been about as plain vanilla as you can get. Bank of America first, Greentree second. Purchase money and a true hardship - how much better can it get?

Well it was all good right up until the time Bank of America transferred the loan to Ocwen. While we knew it was going to happen and did all we could to get the approval before the transfer we came up a couple of days short and the loan was transferred.

We lost a little time in the transfer and starting fresh with Ocwen, but I have to tell you, and I thought I would NEVER say this, the folks at both Ocwen and Greentree were GREAT to work with. Very accomodating and understanding of the delay. Just goes to show you - Yuba City Short Sales are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get. We recieved approvals from both and closed escrow 10 days latter. Alls well that ends well

As a Yuba City Short Sale Specialist we know the ins and outs of Yuba City Short Sales. Having worked with all the major servicers like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase, plus most of the other servicers such as Greentree, PNC, US Bank and others, not to mention all types of Yuba City Short Sales including FHA, VA and HELOC seconds we understand what the banks and investors such as Fannie and Freddie are looking for. Yes, there is a difference in Yuba City Short Sale Agents. Make sure you make the right choice.

Is A Yuba City Short Sale Right for Me?

To get a better idea of when your Yuba City home will be worth what you owe, log in to www.shortsaleandloanmod.info for a free estimate or call me today for a free no obligation consultation or for the latest Yuba City short sale information. Call me today and sleep better tonight; you’ll be glad you did

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