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For those of you who remember my friend Anna, Art in Motion and have given her support, here is her recent update on what she's been up to. To see more of her story please see my origional blog where she's commented numerously and has shared her personal story, invoving her family, her health issues, her past...and much more.

Anna, Art in Motion! Sea Cliff NY

I have bolded the main points below for a faster read.

Anna, Art in MotionHi Ellen,

I am so very thrilled and proud to share with everyone all of the blessings that have evolved from my inspirational daily walk and to continue to express my deepest love and gratitude for such positive support and energy that keeps me going!!

I will list the most interesting honors, awards, and projects that have been keeping me busy, drawing even more attention and recognition to me and my unique walk:

 - The colorful photo on Tappen Beach at Sunset was taken for an art exhibit.  When I received the persuasive call from the photographer to take this photo with a sample of my handmade hats and scarves, I was further convinced to do so as he explained that I have a "HUGE FOLLOWING" and would be signing autographs!  Ironically, on a recent trip to the Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall 4 people asked me for my autograph. WHAT A FEELING!!!

- Another colorful art exhibit portraying me,  Anna "Art in Motion", is on the wall at Sea Cliff Beach, inspiring people, as you have also testified to me.


- I had another photo shoot - for a book that I am in.  There is a beautiful poem dedicated to me and my unique inspirational walk.  The book should be out soon, August 2012, and some people have told me that they have already heard that I am in a book!

Anna, Art in Motion- I was interviewed for the September/October Newsletter from the Glen Cove Library History Room.  Even the Newsletter starts out by calling me a "Celebrity".

- I received the "First Annual Baci Award for Creative Initiative" for extraordinary creativity, as the promo information  explained. There was an Award Dinner and an Award Statue and Birds of Paradise Bouquet presented to me! There was also an article in the local newspaper. I was told that my speech was "OSCAR Worthy"!!

- At least 2x's a year I am in the local newspaper.

- The local television News 12 caught me by surprise and aired a segment on me in 2 of my outfits.  I was introduced as "The Sea Cliff Woman whose fashion is a breath of fresh air!".  News 12 sent me a free DVD of that segment on me. Since that aired, people still ask me when am I going to be back on T.V. posted a few pictures of me in a Memorial Day Outfit.


- A video of me singing a soft tune was auctioned off for a school charity event.   I was told that the whole school went "wild and crazy" screaming when they saw me!!  At this reaction one lady, Erica said, : "If YOU don't get on 'T'he Dr. Oz Show'  then something is terribly wrong!"

- I was asked if my walk can be auctioned off for another school charity event.  Someone would get to walk with me - probably dressed like me too, with a colorful matching outfit from head to toe and handmade hat!  It would be nice to have a whole group of people make an auction for my walk!

Anna, Art in Motion-  The 10th Year 911 Commemoration performance still amazes me by the fact that a popular dancer/choreographer picked me to perform with her!  On top of that honor one of the musicians that we danced to was Yo-Yo Ma's sister on the violin!!  She asked me for my business card, and she also gave me her personal contact information!!  WHAT OUTSTANDING COMPLIMENTS I AM STILL RECEIVING, even though I am not even a professional dancer!


- I have the honor of being the very 1st and only " Golf Tournament Queen" of the Sea Cliff  Annual Golf Tournament.  The very 1st year I was interviewed by the Associated Press and was on   Now, in it's 4th year I am still asked to attend as their "Honorary Guest", help to present the winner with the green "Master's " jacket and celebrate with refreshments and  many pictures taken, also in local newspaper.


anna, art in motion- Many people dress as me for Halloween!  When Terri won dressed up as me for Halloween, I was told that "You know that you have made it BIG TIME when you become a HOT TOPIC for Halloween and for gossip - but it is always good things said about you!". The Halloween contest was also in the local newspaper, and Terri even gave me her hat that she wore to win her such an honor and attention that night.


- A photographer of a huge vitamin/supplement company called me to book me as their model for an event.  That photographer has been after me for years, and it is even rumored among the stores where I shop that I am a body builder.


- I was also recently propositioned to enter the hat that I was wearing into a Kentucky Derby Contest to win a nice money prize.  The man trying to persuade me runs a huge hotel and casino chain and is a judge in the hat contest.


Anna, Art in Motion- At the BACI Award Dinner and at a wedding that I attended, I was approached about doing a video about the story behind my hats.


- I made a calendar with my outfits representing the seasons and Holidays, and I donated the money to "The Inn" - a shelter and food kitchen for the needy.  I also met with the executive director, she interviewed me, took pictures, and was very impressed how I found the determination to do such a project in my condition!.


- I will end this list by reflecting on how and when I became such an entertaining figure in high demand, asked to attend and participate in so many events, even though the public had been faithfully watching me for YEARS!!!

It was when Sea Cliff celebrated 125 Years as a Village, and I was asked to make a collage representing what Sea Cliff means to me.  Of course, I made 3 collages, all with my walking background and photos of me in my seasonal and holiday outfits -  all of my pictures standing out in 3-D like dolls.  Then, a producer asked me to participate in a skit dedicated to the history of Sea Cliff, and she wrote a story where I played me "The Walking Lady" walking through time in Sea Cliff.  My collages were on display in their art exhibit, and there are always so many attempts to get me back into the acting!!  It was fun and such an honor to hear the screams and claps as I walked on the stage, with a change of wardrobe, too!!  Even the kids teased me that "You are going to steal the show" as everyone tried to tell me then that I had a HUGE FAN BASE!!!  Now I understand what they had been trying to tell me!!  It is just more beautiful and special and touching than I ever imagined!!!

Anna, Art in MotionEllen, I hope that you enjoyed this.  I cut it short because there is so much that I have been attracting, and of course, I try to do it all!!!(smiles)  

May all of this positive energy  just keep flowing - right to "The Dr. Oz Show"!!!


Anna "Art in Motion" Sea Cliff, N.Y.


Ellen Caruso
Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty - Glen Head, NY

Anna, You know you have me intregued, I want to see that outfit and the article.

Once again, I'm tied up but hope to be around mid of next week with all the kids starting school.

Sep 02, 2012 01:02 PM
Anna "Art in Motion" Sea Cliff, N.Y.

Ellen, I really  appreciate that you found some time to visit this blog site! 

I had blogged a nice informative paragraph yesterday about the unbelievable day that I was experiencing, but the comment would not go through - lost all of my hard, well thought -out work!

I will try to enter this for now - hopefully it will go through so that I can try to gather my thoughts and day's experiences again to share on this blog with you all.

I created 5 more different patriotic red, white and blue outfits and of course, I had so many photo shoots.  I was told that Sea Cliff has a page where so many pictures of me are posted.  People keep asking me where they can see my daily pictures, but I am not sure how to get to that site.  The comments are so fun to hear, too, like " Now I feel like I have a Holiday once I see you and your festive, inspiring outfit!" 

I am also receiving e-mails complimenting the oral history on me.  I just read one that says, "I really enjoyed reading the oral history on you!  I'm so glad that we have you to brighten up our community!

Just wait until you hear about yesterday's compliments  - comparing my work to "ministry work"! (the paragraph that I lost yesterday!!!)


Anna "Art in Motion" Sea Cliff, N.Y.   

Sep 03, 2012 01:18 AM

Hi Ellen - I've been having problems sending my comment through lately. I got your message yesterday and will calll you.

Sep 04, 2012 04:24 AM
Ellen Caruso
Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty - Glen Head, NY

Anna, I got your message...still busy but I will try to find you sometime this week. BTW I don't have Facebook so I'll have to ask my kids to find it for me, and I do want to see that artilce in the paper.

Sep 04, 2012 11:29 AM
Anna "Art in Motion"

Ellen, I will attempt for a 3rd time to submit this comment - the conversation lately is so heavy duty!   It seems like the oral history on me mailed out for Glen Cove has liberated people to approach me with the most unbelievable compliments!  Well, I am not the only one aware that there is a reason for so much attraction, interest, fascination and obsession over me and my unique walk!  My daily inspirational walk is now being compared to "ministry work" because the walk is so very healing, it makes people feel good and makes people feel comfortable with themselves, allowing them to embrace their unique talents and abilities.  This has been exactly my goal in life, to help humanity, because I have witnessed and experienced throughout my whole life how successful I am at helping people and how people are constantly approaching me for help!  I just be me -  do what comes so easy and natural to me, and never anticipated such overwhelming honors and awards acknowledging and recognizing what I do!   Sharon, a teacher and very spiritual person said to me, "I don't want to get too 'DEEP' on you, but there is a DIVINE reason why so many people are attracted to you!  You radiate such positive energy in a world where there is just too much negativity!  The world needs you! Just keep doing what you are doing, stay behind the wheel and let HIM guide you."  I have heard such similar comments from complete strangers who cross my path and experience my "positive energy attraction", even spiritual/religious figures honoring me with such comments and that this is my life's purpose!  Even at work throughout the years I was told how I have such a glow and radiate, attracting so many people to our office - a health office!  Imagine "The Walking Minister, healing people along the way on my path and life's journey".  I am just startled - to be a healer is without a doubt a God-given gift that no human being on Earth can give you or take away from you!  That is the ULTIMATE HONOR!!  (I will try to submit this now and continue later.)


Anna "Art in Motion"  

Sep 05, 2012 06:32 AM
Anna "Art in Motion"

I hope that you enjoyed that conversation from Sunday!  Now for Monday's/Tuesday's conversation - so perfectly related to the above comment.  The mailman just further emphasized to me WHAT A FAITHFUL  FOLLOWING that I have attracted over the past 25+ years of walking daily , that people are so very thrilled to have the oral history on me, how I deserve the recognition for how my daily unique walk inspires them in their own lives!!!  My heart just pounds to be told that!  That unique walk of mine - what a beautiful thing to witness around me and to be so instrumental in putting into action!

To continue along with the same message as above, Divine Intervention has surely made this one memorable year at celebrating such a milestone with my daily walk - 25 years walking through Sea Cliff!  Slowly emerging out of Winter, as March/April came, to my surprise I was already booking so many projects, honorary events, interviews and other outstanding events in recognition of the inspiration and creativity and healing that my daily unique walk has provided for all who see me!  WHAT HEIGHTS this walk has taken me and so very grateful for all of the acknowledgment!!!  Then,  come  mid May I was further blessed when dear Ellen approached me - perfect timing so that she could learn of the "true Anna" behind that daily inspirational walk and the heights that the walk has taken me!  Talented Ellen further honored me with her creative blogs supplying me with further support  on my life's journey by helping me to share and spread my unique walk across the country and with Active Rain.  To add to that honor Ellen created a rally to get me on the Dr. Oz show - which so many people support  and agree with, to share and spread my positive energy and message!!  And, I truly believe in positive attracting positive - which for sure attracted talented Ellen and  unique Anna!! (SMILES)   I was so booked with honorary events, and that is why, Ellen it was such a challenge to stick to a schedule so that you could get more pictures of me.  And, also why it took  some time for me  to create my letter to Dr. Oz!  And, Ellen when you approached me with the camera my first thoughts were, "How am I going to fit another project in my schedule?"  But, as I said to you, I truly realized then that this is really a story that Dr. Oz needs to hear about and analyze - how so many people could be attracted to this one quiet person making so much noise and causing so much commotion where ever I go!!  One more comment about positive thinking - last September I wrote in my book of plans to write Dr. Oz September 2012 after I get through my Summer which is usually busy, and address certain medical problems that can't be ignored!  Well, this Summer did not disappoint, and I had plenty to share and relate in my letter to Dr. Oz!  I JUST REALLY HOPE THAT THE DR. OZ SHOW READS MY INTERESTING, UNUSUAL, INSPIRATIONAL LETTER INVOLVING THE WHOLE LOVING COMMUNITY!!!  How can anyone deny that there is a much deeper reason behind that unique walk and so much  positive involvement with humanity?! Every day I count my BLESSINGS!  I never anticipated all of this when I set out on my walk, vowing to be the BEST and HEALTHIEST PERSON THAT I COULD POSSIBLY BE!!!And, when you share, your blessings only multiply! (SMILES)

Thank You for your time and interest! ALL MY LOVE AND APPRECIATION!!

Anna "Art in Motion"




Sep 05, 2012 07:55 AM
Ellen Caruso
Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty - Glen Head, NY

Anna, I hate to admit how all are asleep and I should be doing the same. Checking a work email brought me to this link and I'm glad I did not miss your ever so spiritual, humble, and poetic words. Although you credit so many, including me, it is you who inspires us and gets you the recognition you deserve.

 It frustrates me that the OZ show has not discovered you yet, their loss.

Thanks again for the pleasant thoughts you leave me with asI head off to bed.

BTW, I looked for you today while I was running errands in the area. Hope to catch up soon.

Sep 05, 2012 01:11 PM
Anna "Art in Motion"

Ellen, I thank you for your support, so glad that you enjoyed my recent conversations with admirers of my unique walk.  I hope that you had a peaceful sleep and sweet dreams (dreams)!  Those words just poured out from my soul as though I am obligated to explain to all of the bloggers  just what has really been going on in my life - on my life's journey to be the BEST and HEALTHIEST  person that I can and in turn to help others!

I do hope  to see you soon, too!


Anna "Art in Motion"

Sep 06, 2012 12:46 AM
Ricco Brown

Anna, Wolfgang von Goethe  said  "Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image."  We are told we were formed in the image of God, our Creator.  We all hope what we see when we reflect on our lives, our image, is a reflection of God.  What better way to honor HIM and reflect his image than "striving to be the BEST and HEAlTHIEST person" you and "in turn help others" in their for the same!  Honor that Holy Temple, where His Holy Spirit resides!  I am a disciple   and a witness and benefator of your health ministry!  Lots of love.  Rick

Sep 09, 2012 11:56 AM
Anna "Art in Motion"

Rick, there is no doubt that we are brother and sister  - so very deeply spiritually related since childhood, with a good, purposeful heart and journey in life.  It makes me very proud to be me and do the sincere work that I do when I witness and experience the growth and appreciation of people like you!!!  Also, your creativity and easy flow of words, thoughts and feelings are a tremendous gift that you share with others - a  unique ability and love that I strive for, too!!!  GOD BLESS YOU for your feedback and our interchange of thoughts, ideas and praises!!!  Keep up the good work!!!

Each day is so very filled with another exciting adventure and experience among my "admiring public"!  I met a Vanessa yesterday who ran up  excited to meet me and shake my hand, and offered to try to contact Dr. Oz, and to compliment the Library for the outstanding topic and choice for the Glen Cove Newsletter - with hopes that there will be a popular demand for me to give a workshop!  I have already been asked if I do presentations!  I am practicing, working on every possible idea that might approach me!!!(SMILES!)

Talk to you soon.  GOD BLESS, THANK YOU and LOVE YA!!!,

Anna "Art in Motion"

Sep 10, 2012 01:00 AM
Ricco Brown

Love ya!  Remember:  what we are is God's gift to us; what we become is our gift to God!!!  Proud of you!


Sep 10, 2012 10:57 AM
Anna "Art in Motion"

Rick, what an HONOR - the way that you just add  to the message of that inspirational daily walk of mine, always finding the perfect, poetical addition to help get that message across!!!   How I so very much LOVE and ADMIRE that!!


Anna "Art in Motion"

Sep 11, 2012 01:13 AM
Ellen Caruso
Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty - Glen Head, NY

Anna and Rick,

Please excuse me....I am not ignoring you! Wish I had time to chat, write, and meet up but still so busy.

I hope to have some time this weekend thats if Im not busy with Real Estate like I have been.

My thoughts go out to you! stay healthy and strong!

Sep 11, 2012 02:15 PM
Anna "Art in Motion"

How well we understand, Ellen - life is so very busy!!!  I am just so overwhelmed and grateful for all of the interesting people and ideas/projects that are suggested!  I met a girl and her father who showed her the oral history on me, and they both were so very thrilled to meet me, shake my hand, hug - AND offer to make me a HAT!!!  The girl just moved to Sea Cliff, and she makes hats. asking me for my hat size, honored to make me a special hat.  She really took me by surprise! 

I can't forget about yesterday - a very special "9-11" outfit, with 2 white loving/peaceful doves on my hat with the patriotic red, white, blue hat band and sequences, a flag scarf tied in a triangle  behind my neck and across  my chest at an angle.  It is really amazing the number of people who know my name, know of the  Glen Cove Newsletter and yell out, "keep up the good work!" 

Check in when you can, Ellen!  ....Thinking of you always!


Anna "Art in Motion"



Sep 12, 2012 09:33 AM
Ellen Caruso
Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty - Glen Head, NY

Anna, I would have loved to see the 9-11 outfit. The description is so beautiful and moving.

I met one of your neighbors this week, I told her I knew you, but not how or why. I told her to mention my name to you and get your reaction. I hope she does, it will surprise her our connection.

Sep 15, 2012 04:00 AM
Anna "Art in Motion"

Ellen, hope all is well.  It does not surprise me that I have not seen that neighbor yet -  there really is not much or any socializing around here, and I do not know that many people here.  They probably only know me by sight. 

It has been such a BUSY WEEK, trying to do my walk - taking me 3 hours to get home now!!!  But, the talks are so very serious, so many people suggesting ways to spread my walking inspiration by television, radio and presentations!!  I really feel a duty to stop and help with questions that I am confronted with.  And, yesterday was so very exciting with interesting information, and the writer of the book came over to show me my picture and poem in the book that is now being published!

I was so startled as a bus dropped off a girl - the driver had to be patient with the kids hanging out of the windows screaming, throwing kisses and "I love You!',  all trying to talk to me at the same time!!!  To add to that was a parade of cars lining up behind the bus!  But, all was fun and laughter!!!

Hope to hear from you soon.  ALL MY LOVE and GRATITUDE!!

Anna "Art in Motion"


Sep 21, 2012 10:35 AM
Rick Brown

Happy Birthday to my amazingly beautiful, caring and wonderfully inspirational sister Anna "Ärt in Motion" Jennett!

Sharing your day with memories, hope, faith and stories of overcoming!

Love ya,

"Baby" Brother Rick

Sep 24, 2012 12:30 AM
Ellen Caruso
Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty - Glen Head, NY

Anna, did I miss your Birthday? Today is my daughters 17th Birthday, the 24th of September. Do you share the same day? 


And Anna, it does not surprise me that you had a parade with you in the midst. Your energy and smile does draw a crowd. It dissapoints me Dr Oz has not discovered you yet. We all want to see you on TV and hear your story as well as capture the words hearts with your personality.

I miss seeing you as well, everytime I go down Sea Cliff Ave I think of you and believe me it is often more than twice a day.

I'll call you and plan a meet up.

Sep 24, 2012 11:49 AM
Anna "Art in Motion"

Rick and Ellen, THANK YOU for the special Birthday wishes!!! 

Rick, I enjoyed our "deep",  loving,  precious conversation!!   And, you know how I feel about that card  - the memoir "book" that you made for me!!(SMILES)

And,  Ellen I just got your message.  I remember you telling me that  your younger daughter had a birthday on September 24th  -  the very same day as  mine.  I was imagining the added pressures on you!!(SMILES) 

 Yesterday was so very busy that I did not even get a chance to visit this blog site.    In fact,  EVERY DAY  is just so very overwhelming with serious plans and desires in the making  for me to give presentations, workshops, group walks - anything and everything to get me out among the public to help spread my message and lifestyle and positive energy!!!  And, people are approaching me asking, "Where do I sign?" - referring to a petition that we should pass around to get me on the Dr. Oz Show.  And, a young man in this development  told me how much his crowd, the youth yearn so very  much to meet me, to walk with me  -  I am their world!!  There is an obese young lady who feels that she can't meet me or walk with me  - I am the only person she really looks up to, that inspires her!!  Life is so very deep for me and really always has been  -  just doing what I feel that comes so very naturally to me.  I just need more hours in my day to do it all  -  can't stick to a schedule, out  at least 3 hours trying to walk and talk!  I remember a friend quoting to me from the Bible, "To whom much is given, much is expected!"  That is the only way that I can explain how I have accomplished so much in my condition and still yearn to do more and stay productive and loving and caring!!  

A young man offered to make me my own facebook page with my story and my creative, colorful outfits!!  He and my followers are sure to see me hit EVERY talk show on T.V. 

I am so ready for bed now.  Ellen, I hope to talk to you tomorrow.


Anna "Art in Motion"

Sep 25, 2012 11:56 AM
Ellen Caruso
Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty - Glen Head, NY

Anna, Glad to hear back from you....all so exciting! I'm tired too, not enough hours in the day to do all I want to do. We'll try to meet up soon.

As for a petition, you know I'll sign it! Lets get you on OZ!!!!

Sep 25, 2012 01:22 PM