Do You Really Know Who You Are Dealing With in Regards to a Mortgage Lender?

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Horizons, Inc.
Respectable financing with reasonable rates is still available for those willing to do a little leg work. So many people have been complaining this past year about how tough it is to get a decent interest rate with decent terms. I don't understand that. I think everybody is falling for the media hype. It is our job to inform our clients what is available to them. People aren't shopping because they think things are going downhill in this market. This is the best time to be a buyer. If a buyer has been concientious with their credit, the world is theirs. I am constantly getting folks into homes with $1000.00 total out of their pocket! Closing costs are rolled in, or there is bond money available to them. Rates are from the low to mid sixes. Life can't get much better. There are plenty of great programs out there for all different folks in all different circumstances. Realtors-get to know your lenders and the programs they offer. Buyers- get a realtor who knows one or more respectable lenders. I feel if you want to give good service to your clients, you need to stay on top of things. The realtors who are following this are staying busy in this market. The ones who don't care, well, they are getting out of the business.

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