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Our Keller Williams offices of the Treasure Coast are proud to be the US Real estate representatives for The Placencia at Belize.

Please visit my new website at www.Buy-Placencia.Com where you can sign up for all the information as it is released on this exciting new investment opportunity and what is touted as the NEXT GRAND CAYMAN or the NEXT COSTA RICA. 

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A Caribbean Gold Mine Can Be Yours!


Have you ever wished you had purchased real estate in Costa Rica 10 to 15 years ago?

www.Buy-Placencia.Com is the place to find out how you have the best SECOND CHANCE in your life!

Imagine getting in on the ground floor…before all the recent over- development…before prices soared.  

Imagine what property was worth back then – and what you could sell it for today. Costa Rica has done a  

wonderful job marketing it's lifestyle, but property prices have been soaring, making purchasing in Costa  

Rica cost prohibitive. They also have issues with title, squatters rights, and boundary disputes. There is a  

more secure, stable, and affordable option that is still a secret to the international marketplace. 

Opportunity doesn’t often knock twice. But it is knocking again, right now, and the door is even closer to the United States and Canada. 

You may have guessed I’m talking about Belize! 

It may very well be the best investment available in the Caribbean today. 

Why do I say that?  www.Buy-Placencia.Com has the answers.

Well, for starters, it’s the location, location, location. Belize City is just a short, 2-hour flight from the southern United States (see Belize Airtime Map). There are currently direct flights from five U.S. airports with more cities in the US, Canada and Europe to come once the second international airport opens by the team at The Placencia.  

Foreign language skills not your strong suit? Lucky you! Belize is the only nation in Central America whosenational language is English. Everything from restaurant menus and road signs to real estate documents are all printed in English. So you won’t be surprised by what you thought you purchased and you won’t have to hire a Spanish-speaking lawyer to translate your purchase documents as you do in Costa Rica, Mexico, Roatan and Panama. 

Other reasons to consider investing in Belize are the strong economic and political climate and the fact that the Belize legal system is based on Commonwealth Law, which gives buyers a comfort level when purchasing property. There are no issues such as clouded title and squatters rights as in Costa Rica. 

Some common issues that arise from purchasing real estate in Costa Rica: 

1. Costa Rica has "squatter's rights" where anyone can stake a tent or build a structure on your property. 

If you don't remove them in a certain amount of time, they can gain homestead rights and cannot be removed from your property. Under Commonwealth Law in Belize, you can remove anyone who is unlawfully on your property with police similar to the United States, Canada and the UK. 

2. Under Issue Obtaining Clear Title to property 

Title insurance is a costly requirement in Costa Rica. Under Issue Obtaining Clear Title – Historically in Costa Rica there has been issue obtaining title insurance. Under Commonwealth Law, Belize has a land title system dating back to the 1700's. Title insurance is available in Belize but very few buyers use it due to the strength of the Commonwealth Law system, which lowers your cost of property acquisition. 

3. Boundary Disputes – Land boundary disputes on are complicated, expensive, and commonplace in Costa Rica 

4. Forbes Magazine on November 10, 2008 

Costa Rica is facing more and more problems of land registration and property disputes because of a lack of a systematic land and property registration system. In fact, many Costa Ricans and foreigners call the Land Register office ‘Katastro’ in Spanish. Translation: “the catastrophe." 

Belize is just over 30 year’s young, having just become independent from Britain in 1981. It has a very stable government with a democratically elected Prime Minister and House of Representatives. 

The tourism industry drives over half of the local economy, however annual economic growth has recently been more than 11%, due to the main exports such as sugar, bananas, and other goods. 

The US Dollar is accepted anywhere and everywhere in Belize and most anything of substantial value, such as real estate, is priced in US dollars. 

The local currency, the Belize dollar, is fixed two-to-one to the US dollar. This makes it a very stable currency and means that prices in Belize are more stable for American dollar holders. 

You may wish to also consider the strong financial privacy laws. In a world where the public and governments have increasing access to private information, Belize is a modern-day safe haven. Laws here are designed to facilitate privacy protection and security. 

In addition to being one of the top offshore, asset protection and banking destinations in the world today, Belize is also tax haven. 

There is no income tax on income generated outside of the country. Those who own real estate in Belize pay no capital gains tax or estate taxes. Property taxes are just a fraction of what they are in Canada or in the US. And rental income is taxed at only 1.75% of the gross receipts. 

But perhaps most important, there are absolutely no restrictions on foreign land ownership. 

Property rights are protected in Belize through the traditions of English Common Law. 

Foreigners can own property in Belize with exactly the same rights and protections as Belize citizens. 

We’ve shared only a few of the most popular reasons why people are taking their attention off Costa Rica and focusing on our wonderful country Belize. We suggest you take a look for yourself to discover why Belize is for you! 

Opportunity is knocking and we cordially invite you to discover the Beauty of Belize! 

As I said at the start of this note, Belize is like Costa Rica was over a decade ago. But Belize’s low profile won’t last forever. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. 

If you have any questions at all about investing in Belize, please feel free to give us a call. 

One of our team members will be glad to be of assistance to you. 

If you have not done so already, please take a moment to browse our Mini Brochure and 2012 Community Newsletter in order to take in all that we have to offer at The Placencia Resort, Marina, Golf Course & Residences.

Please keep checking back at and we will keep updating new information.

When you are ready, please call me today or CLICK HERE and we can arrange a FLY and BUY trip for you and get you reimbursed for your travel expenses upon purchase.

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