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A Beginner's Guide to Real Estate SEO Optimization

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The importance of having a high Google search rank is well documented and a  question that I get asked all the time is how do I get my website or listing ranked #1 on Google?  Sorry to break this to you, but there is no magic button that can magically push your page to the top.



There are a few things that anyone can do, regardless of web experience.  If you don't know the difference between a meta-tag, anchor text, H1 or H2 headline texts, don't worry this post isn't going to go into the technical details.  Below is a basic guide to some elements of a web page that even a novice web user can understand and complete to improve the rank of their page in Google and other search engines.

1.) Does the page title contain search-friendly terms?

As an example, look at the URL of this blog post.  It contains terms like SEO, Real Estate and Optimization.  If someone searches for SEO tips for real estate, my page will most likely rank higher than one that used a format such as activerain.com/marketing-blog or other generic example.  Use the keywords and search terms that you want to rank high for in the page title (or URL).  Some larger websites don't always offer you the ability to change this if you aren't the web admin, but sites like AR are a great place to learn how to label page titles correctly.


2.) Are you using social media?

Regardless of what you think of social media, it is a great way to direct traffic back to your page, blogs or listings.  Even if you have zero followers or likes, it still is another link back to your web page.  Posting links to your blog posts or your listings via social media will increase your pages value in the eyes of search engines.  More back-links equal higher ranks on Google.   You must have at least 1 back link (incoming link) from any web page that Google can find to remain indexed in search results.  Social media is a very easy way to bump up the number of incoming links to that site.


3.) Are You Being Original?

If your writing sounds like everyone else's, why should anyone read it?  Not only that, how will anyone find it outside or your friends or family? We all know that content is king in SEO, but the key to SEO success is to be UNIQUE!  The way search engines rank your page are constantly changing and the formula is updated almost daily, but the importance of developing original content will never change.  Show your personality and be you!


4.) Are you using enough text on your page?

 Newsflash - Google is a computer, and cannot see your pictures or Flash animations.  Pictures help with the look of your page from a design and readability perspective, but aren't adding much value to your search rank.  Text included in graphics falls under the image category and Google can't read that text either.

Be sure that you have enough text that Google can effectively recognize the keywords and important content.  So how many words should you use?  I've read varying opinions, but it seems that the most effective range is no less than 250 words, but no more than 1000 for optimum SEO.


5.) Does your page include links?

Stuffing your page with a hundred links is a surefire way to get your page ranked lower in organic search.  However, you need to include some links within your page to give it value.  I would suggest more than 2 links but less than 5 for a blog post or web page.  Make sure these links work and direct the user to a reputable site.  Providing broken links or sites that Google views as bad sites, is very harmful to your sites ranking.

If you are doing these basic steps correctly, congrats you are heading the right direction.  What other easy wins have you found with SEO and page rank?  And as always, thanks for reading.





Comments (7)

Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Adam:  This is a very good post for folks who have been fighting against learning SEO because it seemed so complicated.  I like the way you have presented this.  Great job!

By the way... I have just subscribed to your blog.  I invite you to subscribe to mine.

Aug 23, 2012 10:43 AM
Susan Isaacs | DC Real Estate Consultant
Compass | 1313 14th St NW DC 20005 - Washington, DC
Partnering with: DOMOofCompass

Good reminders even for those who aren't beginners, Adam!

Aug 23, 2012 10:47 AM
Adam Bauer
Howard Hanna Real Estate - Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks Karen, I enjoyed your recent blog post on "scared buyers" and subscribed to your blog as well.

Susan - thanks for the feedback.  I sense that there is a wide variety of experience levels in terms of SEO on this site and thought I would start with a really basic post, with more advanced to come.  What are some of the biggest issues you face with search rank?

Aug 23, 2012 10:56 AM
Kim Carlson 480-993-9384
www.NowSellingAZHomes.com - Mesa, AZ
Valley of the Sun Realtor, Seller Specialist

Thanks Adam, this is an easy way to start! To much is Too much when trying to get going!

Aug 24, 2012 07:34 AM
Adam Bauer
Howard Hanna Real Estate - Pittsburgh, PA

@Kim - I agree!  As more and more real estate agents try and become web savy, I think they often time having a hard time knowing where to begin (there is ALOT of information out there).  I will continue to try to provide things that are easy to do, quick and easy to understand.  I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback!

Aug 25, 2012 03:32 AM
Paul Viau
Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog - Halifax, NS
Nova Scotia Real Estate Blog + Photo Services

SEO - when it comes to real estate is relatively easy! The fact is that no one is doing it out there. So when you

optimize a page , the result is almost instant. I find in my market , that obtaining #1 rank for any set of keywords is dead easy. Maybe it's due to having a wordpress site . - They make SEO fairly simple.   http://condosnovascotia.ca

Aug 30, 2012 11:21 PM
Mike Baltierra
Rise Realty - Eastvale, CA
Full Service at Your Service Realtor-Eastvale CA

Sounds simple enough I think I can handle that. Appreciate the great advice

Nov 08, 2013 07:56 AM