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Conflict How do you handle it?

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Hi Active Rainers,

I have been reviewing and rereading conflict management.  How do you had it?

In the past I have enjoyed reading Roger Fischers material  "Getting to Yes"  "Getting Past no"

I have taken some course work at the graduate level at Fuller Theological school of Pschology. I studied with Newt Mahoney who was working on a model of conflict resolution for churches.

I have hear Spead Leas talk and read his book about discover your conflict resolution style.

I have also listened to tape series by Dawson and have attended courses on negotiating with Chrales Karraus.

I am aware that there are avoiders and confronters and passive aggressives and flat out aggreeables.

So here is my question, if you have gotten this fair.  How do you honestly deal with your ego and being

agressive and then deal with caring about other people and being empathetic?

I have also served on my local board of realtors for the past 4 1/2 on the grievance committee which is basically the negotiation of one complaint against another.

In posting this thought, please know that I first checked with wikepedia to make sure that I am on tract in my

thinking.  I would have checked with MSN Encarta but they are really not around anymore.  and I did check with

six or seven books from the google books list.

Two years ago, I was trained in NLP conflict negotiations with the Tad James Organization.

So here is the bottom line of why I am posting this.  And if you have read this far, Good Job!

Have you taken any training or read recently a good book or found a place online that provides

great conflict management information?

Share with me and the active rain community.  I believe in the next few months you are going to

need all your skills in this area sharpened.


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I hope you are wrong, I hope I don't need my skills sharpened in this department.  But, if I do, your post will come in handy!

Aug 24, 2012 09:05 AM