Snow in Charlotte!

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Well we finally have our annual snow. Personally I hope we have a little more. Typically Feb produces some of the white stuff. I do find it interesting the amount of people that are new to the area insist on having the schools open and having everyone take the risk on the roads. Now I do agree today is not as bad as it can be here in Charlotte. I have seen some severe ice storms in the last 20 years here but I think people forget how big the school system is and how many buses and children we would have out in the area. While out my window it does not look bad a few miles down the street things could be a lot worse. Charlotte always seems to be divided by the I-85/I-77 intersection. Personally I enjoy having the firewood burning kids going crazy and the coffee flowing. We only get it once or twice a year so for everyone to stop what they are doing for 24 hours and just enjoy the time in my eyes is priceless :)

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