Aren't All Realtors The Same?

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Last Friday I was meeting with a client at a home she is about to purchase and her mom out of the blue,  posed a question to me in conversation that caught me by surprise.  She simply asked, "Aren't all Realtors the same?"  She followed it by asking, " I mean, is it really important to shop around for a Realtor?"

I was surprised that she asked me this with such sincerity and it has taken a couple of days for me to think this over further.  However, this is probably a question that many of you out there shopping for homes think in that back of your minds but never ask.

Shopping for a Realtor should have as much importance as finding a qualified doctor, dentist, CPA or lawyer.  Wouldn't you want at trained professional to help you  with the largest purchase in your life?    You wouldn't go to just any doctor if you had a health problem or any lawyer if you were in an unexpected accident would you? I know I would want the very best Realtor out there helping me find the largest purchase in my life.

I would want someone who could help me through the entire home buying process.  A Realtor who will answer their phone and update me on homes that are available and what to look for as I shop.  I would want support from someone who could help me get pre approved for financing and that has a schedule open to show me properties.  A great attitude and a  firm resolve to ensure I get the "best deal" on the home I am interested in.

If you are looking for a Realtor who is like this and can get the job done, CALL ME.  Trust me, All Realtors Aren't the same! You need to pick a good one to make sure you get the best service possible!  In a weak moment, you do not want to end up with a weak agent....

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