Sold! To you that is!

Real Estate Agent with Visionary Properties

One thing is for sure, when you are in this business the phone does ring.  Mostly to sell you the next great marketing scheme!  You need cards, signs, a computer, give-a-ways, flyers, email distribution, a blog, website, oh and don't forget the basics, electronic signing software, an iPad, phone, more cards... well you get the picture.  Being in Real Estate is a committment.  A committment to spending money with the hope you can be successful.  All on your own.  I came from a large corporation.  I got the full expense account, company car, full benefits and more.  I always wanted to work for myself and be in a business where I can make a difference and the harder I worked, the better for me!  This can be it, but it won't be easy.  For 22 years I didn't care what the price of gas was.  Company paid for it.  Didn't care about the cost of technology, company paid for it.  Now, I watch everything...but don't be foolish.  You cannot make money if you don't spend it.  To be successful in this industry requires you to take risks.  In AZ alone there are 90,000 licensed (active and inactive) agents.  Only about 5% make a living.  I will be one of them.  You can be too.  There is plenty of business out there for those that are committed to the customer and are willing to work with a team.  Not only your own Broker's team, but in my case, every agent I deal with is on my team.  I try to help them and in turn, they work with me.  That's how we all get a long in this crowded market.  Good luck to all of us as we move forward in a crowded but exciting market!

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