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Educate and Build Rapport to Gain Clients Part 2

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People do not like to admit when they are facing financial difficulties. Money and finances are taboo subjects in America, and most Americans do not like to ask for financial help when it is needed. I should know, because when the market tanked I was facing some major financial difficulties, I did not want to talk anyone about it. I was embarrassed; I felt inferior. I did not want my friends and family to know debt collectors were calling me.

Luckily, I had multiple options, and I was able to right my financial ship. Although I did not face foreclosure on any of my properties, I know the feelings many homeowners facing foreclosure experience.

As a professional marketing to homeowners, you can use those feelings to your advantage by freely giving the information. And I mean freely: either in a direct mailing or on your website.

If you give the information on your website, do not require a name and email address to access the webpage or download a special report. Even though an email address does not monetarily cost the homeowner, the simple information you ask for could be enough to cause the homeowner to shy away from a stranger.

Remember, you must build rapport with the homeowner before you can build trust.

I know it works, because the first investment property my partner and I purchased was the result of a call from a direct marketing campaign to the Lis Pendens data lists we now sell.

We gave some information in our direct marketing pieces and referred homeowners to our website for more information. The special report was a webpage with a contact us link at the bottom, and we constantly received qualified leads from the special report.

It was nice knowing a lead wanted our service before we spoke with them, because we wanted to spend our time on potential and current clients instead of wasting our time with homeowners exploring their options.

Also, let's face it - the internet is huge. Anyone can find pretty much anything online, so make it easy for homeowners and give them all of their options. Keep them on your website!!!

Overcome all three obstacles from Part 1 by giving the homeowners what they want and you will soon have clients.

The next article discusses Lis Pendens Marketing Campaigns and Tips.

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