Prequalifications save Agents and Customers time!

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Pre-qualifications save Agents and Buyers time!

At this juncture in the Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler market, buying a home under $250,000 is quite an endeavor.  Buyers can make it much easier by making sure they come prepared.  One way to do this is to get a Buyers Pre-qualification document from your favorite lender.  Your Real Estate agent will now know what houses to show you, and the Buyer will know that a decision can be make in just a few hours. 

The need to write offers on the vacant counter-tops of prospective homes is a sign of the times.  The Real Estate Agent is trying to get the Buyer the home they desire and avoid the disappointment of multiple offers due to home bidding!

Save everyone time and get your pre-qualification done today, and then get your perfect home.

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