Mid Beach - The New Hottest Place for Real Estate in Miami Beach

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Miami Beach real estate is an ever-changing, evolving market.  With so many top areas, and with each neighborhood featuring its own distinctive flavor, different areas appeal to different buyers.  One of the hottest places to buy Miami Beach real estate currently is Mid Beach.  Mid Beach Miami Beach is located between South Beach and North Beach areas.  For years, South Beach dominated the Miami Beach real estate market, but Mid Beach is staking its claim to luxury real estate as well.  Recent years has really seen this area as being the up and coming locale for myriad reasons.  Mid Beach condos give residents the ability to enjoy the best of life - quiet daylife but hot nightlife.  Mid Beach is much more tranquil than its neighbor to the south, but is a five dollar cab ride to the hottest clubs in the world.  There are also top lounges and hot spots in Mid Beach as well, but you will not see the lines crowding the streets or the mobs of tourists swarming the sidewalks here. The pubic and private beach areas in Mid Beach are absolutely fantastic, and are much less crowded than in other areas, allowing residents to relax and enjoy the sand free from the tourists of other places as well.

Luxury real estate for sale in Mid Beach Miami is comprised of both luxury high-rise condominium communities and homes.  Some of the top condos in Mid Beach are also some of the top condos in all of Miami Beach, including Fontainebleau, Blue and Green Diamond, 6000 Indian Creek, MEi, Mosaic, and Bath Club.  These are extreme luxury communities that offer full service amenities including fitness centers, spas, swimming pools, recreation rooms, concierge services, and anything else you can imagine.  But this isn't the only option.  Single family homes for sale in Mid Beach Miami Beach range from affordable homes to multi-million dollar oceanfront mansions, making it accessible to any buyer.

Mid Beach is truly an amazing destination to purchase real estate, but if you are looking for something slightly different, check out these other places in Miami Beach to purchase real estate.

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