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As a self-employed business owner (and every Real Estate Agent is exactly that), you have to where a lot of hats.  Here it is the end of the second week in January and already you may feel behind the 8-ball.  You have planned your goals for this year, you have started some of them but "little things" keep popping up that seem to slow you down.  How do you stay focused on the things that matter while handling all the "unplanned" interruptions in the day?  You promised your wife/husband or children that you would start coming home earlier but already that promise has gone out the window.  You wonder how you are going to get your head above water to get to that point where things are clicking and humming. How do you stay on target?

Well, here is the deal.  Two things must happen for you to have a life.  You must time block all the important things into your life and honor the block and two, you need to understand that Rome was not built in a day.  I know, you are Type ‘A' personality wanting to knock it out of the park on opening day, believe me - so am I.  But I have come to understand that patience is a virtue and that not everything has to get done yesterday.  Once you have your week planned into blocks and your game plan for the year clear you need to schedule everything into your day with the knowledge that it is better to take two months to execute a strategy but it actually gets done then try to get everything done in month one and nothing gets done.  Most Realtors/Brokers have grand plans for their year and try to get everything accomplished by the end of January and then they get so bogged down that by February nothing is done and they are just holding on, running the same race they ran last year and getting the same or worse results.

End this cycle today!  You must honor all your commitments and that includes your family.  If getting these three tasks you feel are critical to your success all done as well as all the other stuff dumped on you is keeping you in the office late, working weekends and ignoring your family then you must tone back.  You must extend out your timeframe.  Either choose one of the tasks to complete first or extend out the timeline on completion of the many activities that make up those 3 tasks.  The key is not that you achieve everything by January 15th, but that it gets achieved at all!  Better to make progress daily but extend out the timeline to Feb 15th and the tasks get achieved.  As long as you are making progress towards the goal you will see successes and that will breed more success.  You can get it all done and still have a life - you just need to be smart about it.  Next week I will expand more into the Time Blocking part of this and then the following week I will elaborate on the timing and patience part and you can take these thoughts - integrate them - and make this the best year of your life!  Until next week - be blessed!

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