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If you've got a large bathroom a remodeling project may be pretty easy - but what do you do with the small 5' x 7' bathroom in many older homes? That was the problem faced by the Cheryl Chipner in the Fairview Park suburb of Cleveland Ohio. Learn below the main problems with the old bathroom and how Cleveland Design & Remodeling and The Bath Doctor spruced up this small space.

The main problems with the old space were as follows:

  1. The tub was pitted and was moldy
  2. Space in a 5' x 7' bathroom is tight - and a larger sink cabinet wasn't helping any.
  3. Lighting was not sufficient - the shower space was dark and the Chipner family even had to clip a light onto the mirror to be able to see well enough.
  4. The storage situation was not good - In the tub and shower area the family had to use a hang over the shower head storage unit for their soap and shampoo that didn't look good.
  5. Old white tile walls had seen their better days and showed signs of mold. In addition the linoleum floor looked dated.

The solutions

You'll see below an image of this finished small bath and the key changes that were made:

small 5 x 7 bath remodeling in cleveland ohio


The key changes made in this bathroom are as follows:


  • Larger tiles were used to give the feeling of more space - these units were 12 x 12 in size.
  • Floating glass shelves were used to provide storage while maintaining a clean & neat design look.
  • An old sink cabinet was replaced with a pedestal sink to provide more room.
  • A new vanity light bar was installed to provide more light. In addition an exhaust fan and light combination was added to notch up the lighting.
  • Acrylic bathtub surrounds were used in a neat looking subway tile pattern - to provide a modern appearance that would also be maintenance free. 
  • The old cast iron tub was replaced with an extra deeper soaking tub from Kohler made out of acrylic.

What do you think of the new bathroom? Do you have any challenges with small bathrooms you may be looking for? If so please comment below or check the following web site or call for more information.








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