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By Jon Solomon

We do our best to be a good neighbor as a new home builder in Tampa. This area is home to us as well, and it means a great deal that our neighbors view us positively. A wonderful benefit of being a good neighbor is the referrals that we receive. Like many small businesses in the Tampa Bay area, our success is driven by making sure we are a great neighbor.

Here are just a few of things that we do to make sure we are being a good neighbor every day on all of our projects.

  • Face to Face Neighbor Introduction: Before we even begin a new home project, we make sure to meet the nearby neighbors in the area to introduce ourselves and create awareness of the upcoming construction that will be taking place. It is important to us that they know who we are and that they can contact us at any time.
  • Introductory Letter: We also send a letter to a larger radius of neighbors around each of our projects before we begin. Not only do we want to introduce ourselves and provide our contact information, but we make sure to encourage the neighbors to discuss with their children the potential dangers of being around or on a construction site.
  • Safety: We do everything possible to make sure that our sites are safe, not only for our workers, but for the neighborhood. You won't see material in the roads or sidewalks and we make sure that any open ditches or other areas are clearly marked with caution tape, making it easy for everyone to avoid.
  • Noise: We are vigilant with our workers and suppliers to abide by local noise rules so that no early or late noise interrupts the neighborhood. During work hours, we also make sure to keep radio volume and other loud equipment to a minimum.
  • Parking: We use common sense and courtesy when it comes to parking and deliveries. We make sure that everyone parks on one side of the road to avoid blockage. We also make sure that we aren't parked across from driveways so that there are no difficulties of getting your vehicle in and out.
  • Cleanliness: My personal pet peeve is a dirty project site. We require that our workers clean up at the end of each day. Then once a week we do an additional cleaning of the site.

Bottom line, being known as a good neighbor REALLY is important to us. We are happy to be a part of the Tampa Bay community and greatly value the praise we receive from our neighbors.

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