Short Sale Expert - A Self Proclaimed Title.

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Short Sale Expert - A Self Proclaimed Title

Short Sale Expert.  This is a term Real Estates Agents are throwing out to customers and in their advertising loosely. To be honest, while many Real Estate Agents have handled more than others, their is really no expert in this field.  Why would I say that?  First, the banks treat every sale differently.  So in fact, one Short Sale, is one Short Sale!  If the Buyer and Seller have the patients and the Agent has just a bit of common sense and a good Internet connection, it doesn't really take much effort to get Short Sales to close.  Short Sales require a lot of paperwork, most of which is available online.  Short Sales require plenty of calls to he bank to make sure your account gets the attention.  They also require a lot of baby sitting.  You need to keep everyone in the sale informed.  So, what's different here versus a normal sale? Nothing really. Why the expert title?  It's self proclaimed.  The Agent wants you the seller to think that they can do it better than anyone else.  In fact, any licensed agent is a Short Sale expert.  It is just that each person handles it differently.  Go with who makes you feel comfortable when you get involved in a Short Sale and ask questions.  The great Real Estate Agents will keep in touch with you weekly and guide you to close, but it will take time.  A lot of time.

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