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Redfin released a quarterly survey of homebuyer attitudes, with opinions less than two weeks old. According to the company, data was collected from active home shoppers – people who expressed an interest in buying within the next twelve months. The survey included 829 home shoppers in 19 cities.

Key findings

• 46 percent believe now is a good time to buy, down two quarters in a row; and 32 percent believe now is a good time to sell, up two quarters in a row

• 61 percent believe prices will increase, up two quarters in a row

• 62 percent “very interested” in conventional sales, up from 57 percent in the second quarter and 48 percent in the first quarter

• 31 percent would step back from competing against other buyers for a home, compared to 28 percent in the second quarter

• 27 percent of respondents cited general economic weakness as a concern about buying this year, up from 24 percent in the second quarter and 20 percent in the first quarter

This survey was feature on the FAR magazine.

investors are scooping up foreclosures for pennies on the dollar have largely been replaced by first-timers seeking to buy a pretty house now when mortgage rates are below 4 percent. With so few houses for sale, many will come up empty. The only homeowners willing to sell now mostly are the ones who have to – for a job in a new city or for a new baby.” Why?  Because homes prices are so low that many of them are under water and would have to come up with cash in order to sell, the REO market is dwindling and all we have left in many places here in Tampa are motivated sellers and those go in less than 30 days.

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