The Stand-Off...

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty

Buyers vs. Sellers in a no-holds bar, grudge match, of who can wait the other out...its an epic battle and has been for months now, and as the ref (or realtor) officiating between the two (metaphorically speaking of course), its time to call the match and get back to our life.  Buyers, your money is doing no good sitting there collecting dust, and i hate to telly ou, real estate is not going to get much cheaper.  Granted, now is the perfect time to get in and negotiate becasue you can get some great deals (especially in the Myrtle Beach, SC beach area)

Sellers, no need in being unrully with your pricing, or are still making money and getting great return on your need to bottom out, but lets make both sides happy and get the activity going.  Your house sitting on the market at an unreasonable price make you know dollar in your pocket.

 Stand off over...lets sell & buy some REAL ESTATE!!!

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Gary Urich
Elliott Costal Living / Better Homes & Garden Real Estate - North Myrtle Beach, SC
North Myrtle Beach Real Estate

could not agree more.I think the area will do great in 07


Jan 12, 2007 07:25 AM