RAMBLINGS...........Sseptember, 2012

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By: Diane Sawdon

The Sentinels of the Lakes Basin were waiting for me as we rounded the turn on Gold Lake Road just beyond Bassetts.  I had  anticipated my first glimpse of the Sierra Buttes for the past twelve months.  It was well worth the wait as this view does not disappoint.  I am, and always will be, in awe of these mountains and this region.  It is unspoiled by man and machine.  I feel a kindred spirit with John Muir~~~”the mountains are calling and I must go.”   I am very insignificant and very joyful in the company of these peaks, lakes and canyons.   I am not a particularly mystical person, but this region inspires in me a sense of spiritual mystery and fascination.   Our three day visit was filled with the pristine beauty of Mother Nature.   Standing on the ridge between Lower Sardine Lake and Upper Sardine Lake was the highlight of my visit.   My memory of the hike up the mountain was soon forgotten.  Even with my “trick” knee, I was more than determined to make it to the very top.   John Muir said it first, “climb the mountains and get their good tidings.”

The mountains did provide us with those “good tidings.”   On our first night in Sierra City, we received an offer on my Mother’s house in Walnut Creek.   Hopefully, all will go well and a new owner will bring some gusto to the house.   The buyers are a young family and I hope that they turn the house into a cheerful and untroubled home.  That house has not had any joy inside those walls for many years.  It is more than time for it to begin a new chapter. 

In August we celebrated three family birthdays with our Trifecta Celebration.  While the adults seem to be aging gracefully, it is my three granddaughters who are growing up much too quickly.  Seeing the person they are becoming emerge before your eyes, gives this Nana pause for reflection.  They are sisters at heart, but so very different in nature.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the three year old roll her eyes at her Mother when she was being corrected.  It was pure fun for me!  All I had to do was sit back and watch.  I was not responsible for the parenting.  Grandchildren really are the icing on the cake. 

Have you noticed that it is darker so much earlier in the evening now??   And that the sunrise is much later in the morning??  And that the evening temperatures are cool??  Can it be??  Fall is just three weeks away.  I, for one, am ready for the change.  I hope you are, too!











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