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"Five Daily Things Mega Producers Do That You Don't."  

It’s true.  Mega-Producers (100+ transactions, $20+ Million volume, or $300,000 income) do consistent things that most agents don’t.  But those consistent things are very likely not what you think. 

It’s hard to get to that high level and to grow to levels beyond that. 

There are stages of growth to get there.  At each stage new systems must be put and kept in place.  New habits must be established and maintained.  Old habits and systems need to be strengthened, done with greater consistency or when the old habits don’t serve the Agent, they must be discarded.

As we all know, it is hard to break old habits.  It takes repetition over time to create new ones.  New systems must be created, implemented, measured, and then adjusted many times at first, then measured and adjusted regularly forever after.

This kind of growth requires higher levels of focus and motivation.  Those cannot be forced.  To reach Mega Agent levels they must develop naturally with the right monthly and annual goals; along with the right weekly goal which is the critical key to continuous and comfortable focus and motivation

The reward of this effort is a business that makes you financially secure.  Combined with the right personal priorities the reward is also authentic confidence and self esteem.   

There are many places to learn these habits and systems, too many.  Agents learn prospecting systems in one place, presentations in another, planning, marketing, technology in different places.  The challenge of the growing Agent is to put all of these pieces together effectively and efficiently.  There are very few places for the Agent to learn to run their business with growing effectiveness and efficiency.

The “Mega Five” webinar, "Five Daily Things Mega Producers Do That You Don't" is one of those few places that you begin to gain the knowledge, insight, and action steps to build the habits and systems to get to your next level and levels beyond.

I have seen the transformation in Agent’s business.  Joel who rose from struggling financially, at $2.5 million in production, to financial confidence with over $7 million already this year.  Jan whose production dropped from $20 million to $10 million and already has the highest production of her career this year.  And many Agents at all levels who are doing more, faster, easier, and with more confidence.

Join us on September 6th I will be offering my live “Mega Five” webinar for free at 11 am Eastern.  

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