Frost & Remer Discloses Key Statistics about Michigan Health Insurance

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Pretty much all real estate agents and everyone else in the nation has been buzzing about the recent decision surrounding ObamaCare health care plan, especially the portion that requires each person to choose between purchasing health insurance or be fined (for not having any insurance policy coverage for individual health coverage).

Frost & Remer Insurance reveals facts about Michigan health insurance. The state, whose population is within the range of 9 to 10 million residents, has a wide variety of options available for their health care coverage. Heeding their local needs, health insurance Michigan based companies offer various plans to meet their particular health associated necessities. Individuals, families and even groups have an option to acquire insurance, whichever is most feasible for them.

Michigan Health Insurance

Taking a huge percentage of its population, Michigan is also the home of about 1 million residents who have not purchased health insurance. More than 1 million are also underinsured. Frost & Remer ( ignites the urgency to look at this matter, especially at the mandate of PPACA, or more commonly known as Obamacare. Here, the insurance company relays many interesting facts about Michigan health insurance and how it influences the society.

The Big Percentage of Uninsured

About 10% of Michigan’s citizens whose are below age 65 are uninsured. The highest rate of non-insurance in the state is at 26.3%, which is composed of Young Adults within the range of 20-29 years old. The rates of non-insurance vary from region to region, especially for adults.

Detroit has the case of the worst uninsured population based on adults, taking the rate of 17.5% and is followed by the Northern Lower Peninsula at 16.5 %. The Upper Peninsula comes at third with 12.3% and the Southwest Michigan and East Central Michigan follows with 12.2% and 11.1% respectively.

Top Reason for Being Uninsured

Two-thirds of the uninsured adults have reported that their main reason for not taking insurance is that they cannot afford the coverage, or they have lost or left the job which provided them with this benefit.

What It Means for the Michigan Residents

Michigan has been known nationwide as one of the best promoters of health care, which results to its being among the top healthiest states in the US. At the rise of PPACA, the big percentage of the uninsured are now required to purchase their insurance as mandated by the law. While this bill clashes with the current dismal economy, residents will have to comply without question.

However, there are many options in buying Michigan health insurance, and fortunately, many are less expensive. Frost & Remer offers some of the most practical coverage in the state—see their plans at


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