Gilbert Arizona Loans available for Purchase or Refinance of your Cayman Square Home AUGUST

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Artemina Loans available for Purchase or Refinance of your Cayman Square Home.

The fantastic community of Cayman Square and its varied amenities, terrain, home styles and communities make it a fantastic melting pot for everyone.  With that brings a diverse need and a diverse selection of loan products to meet everyone's particular situation.


Buying a home in 

Cayman Square can be done using FHA Arizona financing  up to the purchase price of $358,000 and allows for as little as 3.5% down payment.

USDA Arizona Loans are not available in Johnson Ranch San Tan Valley.

Conventional loans are typical utilized when buying over the FHA Arizona threshold and go up to $417,000.

Once above the $417,000 loan amount we enter into Jumbo financing which still in 2011 can be done with as little as 10% but this is a limited program so most consumers will need be prepared for a minimum of 20% down up to 2 million in purchase price.

JOHNSON RANCH SAN TAN VALLEY                                                                        JOHNSON RANCH SAN TAN VALLEY

For further information and help please visit and meet Mark Taylor who has been ranked in the Top 200 National Producers for the last 5 years. His team will help you not just in procuring the loan but referring you to a local 

Cayman Square Agent, please call Nick Wilson, 602.292.1398,, who will give you the very best of service because of their community knowledge.

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