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7 Red Flags in a Property Disclosure

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Note: This article references business practices in Middle Tennessee. Customs in your region may be different.

It’s all there.

The nitty gritty information about the house.

If you bother to read it.                

And yeah, the seller is required to complete  one.

A quick glance at these 7 questions on the Tennessee Residential Property Condition Disclosure provide a good overview of the condition of the house. 

1-Are all of the questions answered?

Could be sloppy; could be hiding a problem.

2-How old are the heating and air conditioning systems?

Big ticket items. Don’t know means they need to be replaced.

3-What type and how old is the roof?

See above.

4-Did the seller respond “Yes” to any questions?

Such as, are you aware of any defects with the interior walls, ceiling, floor, windows, insulation, plumbing, or environmental hazards?

5-Is there a reference to the May 2010 flood?

There are several questions about water damage and flood. Review them all.

6-Is the exterior made of synthetic stucco?

If so, has it been inspected recently? Why not?

7-Is the house located in a historic district?

If so, you may need to reconsider the addition of a 3-car garage.  Ask for a copy of the regulations.

Satisfied? Now read the Disclosure more carefully. Still satisfied? Permission to get serious about this property!