so you want to buy a banked owned REO

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Buying a foreclosure is not a simple job for amateurs. Buying a bank's "real estate-owned" foreclosed property is not as easy as those TV gurus say, either. There's no guarantee you could negotiate a bargain. Banks have obligations to their investors, and they need to show auditors they are not just giving property away. In addition, you may be dealing with committees, with irritating delays.

You can always contact mortgage  me directly, to ask what we  own at the moment. You could benefit from the services of a buyer's broker, a real estate agent who is legally obligated to work on your behalf, putting your interests first.

That's the person to explain things, guide your house hunting and help you explore REOs. 

I built a network of realestate "experts" that are versed and fimiliar with these property types.

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Cassie Hansley
Wilikinson and Associates - Lincolnton, NC


As a new agent with RE/MAX, I am needing to work on getting some listings. Can you get me some insight on how to get my foot in the door with the reo department with Countrywide? Thanks Cassie

Jan 17, 2008 11:56 PM
John Cashion
Academy Mortgage - Dover, DE
Casey contact your local Countrywide rep you will need a refferal from them.
Jan 20, 2008 12:39 PM