What matters more the Realtor or the company they are associated with?

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What matters more the Realtor or the company they are associated with? What matters most, the company a Realtor works for or the Realtor himself or herself? This is an interesting question because the easy answer is both. In fact the right answer is almost always the Realtor. It doesn't have to be the most experienced Realtor, or the one that is the busiest. What's important is that the Realtor is communicating with you and is knowledgeable about the area you are searching for or selling a home in. Having been in sales and sales management for over 20 years, I know that it is the salesperson that makes the difference, not the company. I've worked for many companies that had inferior products and out sold my competitors because I made the difference. As a young college grad, I sold photocopiers. Yes photocopiers not Xerox machines! You see, Xerox at the time was the "King" of the industry! I sold for Ricoh, a lesser known brand. While customers called Xerox because they were Xerox, they called me because of what I offered that others did not. The same is true for Realtor's. We all passed the same tests. Many are just OK, but more are excellent regardless of what company they work for. So when choosing your Realtor, go with whom you feel gives you the best feeling, not necessarily with whom tells you there company is no. 1!. Hire the Realtor, not the company.

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