The 3 "D's" That Turn Off Home Buyers

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The 3 "D's" That Turn Off Home Buyers

Everyone's definition of clean can be different. What we can agree on is the "3 D'S" can be a big turn off to a prospective home buyer.

Dirty Carpets - Buyers don't want to see homes where carpets have not been vacuumed or have stains. If the carpet is so dirty it can't be cleaned replace it.

Dirty Dishes - Buyers dont want to see a kitchen where the sink and counters are full of dirty dishes. It could be a sign that there is a problem with the plumbing or dishwasher.

Dirty Bathrooms - Bathrooms that have scum on the shower doors, black grout and dirty toilets are a HUGE turn off.

No matter how the buyer lives they don't want to buy someone else's dirt. Don't give the buyer a reason to buy the house down the street.

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