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By Lana Bingham

Having a luxurious lavatory is one of the many advantages of building a custom home. Yet, when it comes to bathroom appliances, picking the right potty can be a challenge. You want a product that combines comfort cleansing with efficient design, but also doesn’t leave you flushing money down the toilet. They may come in all shapes and sizes, but it is a toilet’s innovative features that make them so unique.

Toilet Trends: New home builders Tampa Florida are noticing wall mounted, tankless fixtures popping up throughout new homes in Tampa Bay. One of the most innovative is the Toto Aquia, complete with dual flushing technology for maximum water conservation. Flush plates are another trend, Grohe’s Ondus model uses motion sensors for touch-free flushing. Some trends may have a harder time sticking around, such as the Caroma Profile 5 Toilet Suite. This sink and toilet combo was created to enhance space saving cleanliness, and includes a sink attached to the top of the toilet’s tank. Julien Inc. has created a bathroom suite that includes a toilet bench, which allows you to conceal your toilet when not in use.

Clean Machines: Sanitation is a key factor of bathroom innovation, hence the sudden popularity of the bidet. Toto’s Neorest 550 features three modes of washlet cleansing technology as well as an air purifying system. To maintain an uncontaminated urinal, Porcher's EverClean Surface toilet glaze limits bacteria and mildew from forming.

Smarty Pants: While some toilets provide hygiene and energy conservation, others are flooded with high-tech capabilities. Kohler’s Numi Toilet is said to be the smartest of all, having touchscreen controls and offering a motion activated lid, deodorizer, heated seating, foot warmers, illuminated lighting and an audio input docking station. Inax’s Satis Toilet has similar features, yet is known for built in speakers that bellow relaxing classical music. Toto’s Intelligence Toilet analyzes your health by measuring blood sugar levels, blood pressure and obesity. It can even store up to five family member’s vitals or send information to a computer, so that it may be shared with a doctor.

Royal Flush: If you’re in need of a luxurious loo for your bathroom, the Hidra Hi Line is a golden throne that is fit for a king. High-end toilet designer Jemal Wright, is known for his line of bedazzled and chromatic toilet fixtures. His Isis model is a Swarovski inspired toilet and is covered in their trademark crystals. For those fabulous fannies, Renova sells “luxury” toilet paper, available in a variety of bold colors.


Unique Urinals: Scientists are always researching new ways to conserve energy, and this time they may have found the answer inside a toilet. At this year’s “Toilet Fair”, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded a study to research ways to re-invent the toilet by converting waste into energy. These toilets could make a big impact on our environment, and we may be seeing them in our homes within the next few years.

It is important for home builders in Tampa Florida to stay on top of bathroom design trends as well as innovative appliances. When nature calls, remember that comfort, cleansing, and efficiency should come first. To take a look at some of our beautiful bathroom designs, view our online photo gallery, or contact us to learn more about building a custom home.

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In a restaurant near us there is a waterless urnal. If the theme parks used them look at the water that would be saved. These photos you have are very interesting. Nice post.

Sep 06, 2012 03:34 AM