Radon Testing - It Could Save Your Life

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Radon (Rn) Radon is a radioactive noble gas that is formed by the decay of radium and is considered to be a health hazard. You cannot see, smell, or taste Radon. But it still may be a problem in your home. When you breathe air containing Radon, you increase your risk of getting lung cancer. In fact, the Surgeon General of the United States has warned that Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. If you smoke and your home has high Radon levels, your risk of lung cancer is especially high.

Radon is found in 1 out of every 15 homes Testing is the only way to find out your home's Radon levels. Elevated Radon levels are found throughout Raleigh and Durham North Carolina

Radon has been found in homes all over the United States. It comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water and gets into the air you breathe. Radon typically moves up through the ground to the air above and into your home through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Radon can also enter your home through well water and your home can trap Radon inside.

A personal note from Scott Makseyn

As a long time professional in the real estate industry I strongly urge you to have your home tested for the presence of Radon gas. There are currently no laws requiring Radon testing in a real estate transaction; however the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General have recommended that ALL houses should be tested for Radon gas. In time I believe that as the public and our leaders become more informed these recommendations will become requirements. I urge you to be proactive and have your home tested, for the health and well being your entire family is at stake.

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Definately something not a lot of folks are aware of.  Thanks for the information.
Jan 18, 2008 03:29 AM