January ExtraCredit Newsletter- Purchasing with a Reverse Mortgage!

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Things are tough... We all know it... very few will say it out loud...values are falling and many lenders are cutting back on LTV's in our area...

But some aren't. If you still need that 100% Full Doc Purchase or 95% SISA loan for one of your clients, I can still get it done at a VERY decent rate (~ 6% for a VERY strong credit profile). Even stated Jumbo loans are getting more reasonable (7/1 I/O 70% SISA ~ 6%). I even saw something this week that we all thought we'd never see again; a rate that started with a '4' on a 7 year fixed. Together, we have to think creatively... for instance... An example of a borrower using a reverse mortgage (yep... I do those too...) to get into a new home:

Mr. M.  - is a 68 year old who just sold his home and bought another.  The transaction looked like this.               

 SOLD                                             BOUGHT  

Sale home -     $590,000                      Purchase home -  $455,000

Existing loan -  $206,000                       Reverse Loan -    $180,000  

Net proceeds - $340,000                     Cash Required -   $275,000 from sale for new purchase   \

Mr. M now has no mortgage payment on his new house and $65,000 non-taxable cash available for his use.

See you outside the box!


PS   If you are listing bank owned properties, and the bank is ready to start working with investors, touch base with me. I may be able to introduce you to some aggressive investors who buy in your area.


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With all the stuff going on; lenders going poof, foreclosures exploding, prices in free fall, etc., you would think it would be something really of earth shattering importance that's got me worked into a lather.

It isn't.

But it's just so wrong....




The most amazing 4 year old musician I've ever seen...




Did I mention that despite the tough market, or maybe more so because of it, we should all try to have a little fun every so often?...


Meanest Mom Ever. She should get an award named after her....

C'Mon... Group Clench...

Two examples of not knowing when you've been beaten...



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