Fresh Start - Definiteness of Purpose

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As the new year is in full swing, it is important to focus on what you are looking to achive in the days, weeks, months, and year in front of us.

The starting point to all achievement according to Napoleon Hill is to have a Definiteness of Purpose: Knowing what your goal is, and knowing what you want must fill your mind so that you can press on towards the mark while overcoming any negative thought that may come up. Negative thoughts or people for that matter!

A great way to set yourself apart from the masses is to decide on a major goal in your life, or pick a smaller term goal for your profession or daily life and write it down. The key is to put it on paper and make this goal visible, so that you can read it several times a day. Sounds wierd, huh. Well, that's why you will be one of the few that actually follow through on this plan and will greatly improve your chances of attaining your goal.

How much time will you give yourself to achieve this goal? How will you know that you achieved it? Is it measurable? Attainable? Be realistic, but do the things today that can help you come closer to your goal on a daily basis.

Successful people move on their own initiative, but they know where they are going before they start.

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