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Real Estate Agent with Beach Realty Group


For nearly 7 years the owners of Beach Realty Group have worked continuously on the real estate search engine optimization of our websites.. Currently for the term "Myrtle Beach real estate", Beach Realty Group has 4 sites on the first three pages organically. We have two sites on page 1, one site at the top of page 2 and one site on page 3. We have almost maximized the search engine organic potential and now we opening new opportunities to generate even more leads as our company expands. We realize that all corporations depend on large revenues for shareholders. Recently Facebook went public with their IPO and now Google has added more spots for marketing through Adwords. There are a few other major changes that these companies have also made that affect the way consumers react online. We will get more into the importance of Social Search Engine Optimization in another upcoming post.

We embrace these opportunities that the largest two Internet giants have given us to generate more activity to our already thriving website presence. We are calling our new ad campaign risk-free PPC. The owners of Beach Realty Group will bare all the risk with no upfront cost to the Realtor receiving the leads. To help convert these real estate leads we have put into place two top of the line CRM systems built into the 6 authoritative web sites that we have. Pay Per Click is the strategy of bringing yourself to the top of the search engines by paying money every time someone clicks on your advertisement. In order to bring our agents the best success ratios we are geo-targeting and key-word sniping certain phrases in the Myrtle Beach area. We have tested several ads for months now, and the leads have swarmed to our BRG sites.

For the past three months we have been consistently bringing in 600 buyer leads per month in the Myrtle Beach area. Our goal is to be at 1000 leads per month by Spring of next year. Through SEO, PPC and Social SEO, we believe that our goals are attainable.

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