La Mirada has Wildlife.

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How many of you really pay attention to what lives beyond the walls of your home? Let's take La Mirada for instance. Honestly  there is nothing too scary or outrageous as long you understand the rules like dont be feeding them and dont leave your Chiuaua (SP?) outside at night.

We have oppossums mostly ( my dogs find them) ; they are basically scavengers and are night dwellers.

Squirrels are the cute playful ones; they chase each other and love to tantalize my dogs during the day. They like nuts and fruits.  I guess they know what is healthy! Quite common to see really.  They know how to stay safe as they travel on the wires or leap through trees.  I have actually heard them antagonize the dogs as if to say :HA! you cant get me!

Then there is the canine that all others have to watch out for, especially your dog Chico...the coyote... seldom seen although they are smart an know when not to cross the road. Althogh noctornal I have seen them rarely during the day tring to decide whether or not to cross a 4 lane road to get to the golf course with the ducks (presumably lunch).

Raccoons? havent seen one in a long time.

Birds?  rarely a red tailed hawk...going after pigeons or rodents...

We used to have owls but they disappeared and once in a while I will see ducks like mom leading her ducklings down the street.  They like pools, being federally protected, you cannot do anything to them.  Hand them some towels!

Scrub Jays during the summer and sparrows all of the time, accompanied by well...pigeons.

There you go...The La Mirada NaturePreserve....

Dont worry...for those who do not like wildlife, they will not bother you.

Yet they are all there for a reason because they keep things in balance and it would be alot different without them to our detriment.

Some of the lucky ones who live in the nearby Whittier hills actually have deer,but that is anothger story...about Whittier!




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