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Congratulations on purchasing your home!  Now that the stress of the last few weeks is finally over, all inspections completed, financing in order, closing has successfully finalized and the keys for your new home are in your hand!  WOW!  What a great feeling!   Now you can move your belongings into the house and begin making it “Your Home”!

The home should be in relatively good condition if repairs were made after the Home Inspection.   It is much easier and less costly to keep it that way, rather than to wait for problems to arise.   There are some things you should be aware of and keep an eye on to maintain the good condition of your home.                      

As a Home Inspector, one of the main issues I run into regularly is water damage.  Water infiltration is a major factor we should all be concerned with.    Be sure your yard sprinkler heads are not directly affecting the exterior of your home or crawlspace.  Gutters should be cleaned out regularly to prevent overflow that can damage the exterior trim on a home.   Gutter downspouts should not dump water on the foundation or into the crawlspace, but should have splashblocks or drain lines directing water away from the home.  Implications of water getting behind the siding or into the crawlspace are serious.

There are plenty of Free online home maintenance guides.  You will find some that are specifically for each season of the year, and some that are overall home maintenance for both inside and outside the home, not necessarily divided by seasons  of the year.   All of them are helpful and informative.  Here is a link to one from USAA, but you can search for others, also .   HOME MAINTENANCE GUIDE

So RELAX!  (for a while) ..…you deserve it!    But as weeks and months pass by, don’t neglect the care of your home.  Protect your investment!  You will be glad you did!  The Home Inspector who inspects your house when you get ready to sell, will appreciate it too!  

                                                                Earl Payne 

Enjoy living in America where you are free to own your own home and pursue your dreams!


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