Getting Ready For A Home Inspection

Home Inspector with Smart Move Home Inspection LLC RT # 715


 Are you considering a Home Inspection? If you are I have a checklist for you to prepare for your Inspection. This is a simple list of ten thing's that you can do to assist and insure that the most critical areas are accessible.

 An Inspector is limited to doing a complete inspection if some of these guidelines are not met.

 1.Make sure all utilities are on: Water, electric and heating/cooling. 

2.Nothing is in front of the electrical panel. 

3.Any crawl space access door or attic scuttle is readily accessible and unblocked. 

4.Sump pump and water meter locations are identified and accessible.

5.An extra 'property disclosure form' (if used) is available for the inspector. 

6.The dishwasher is empty. 

7.A list of any recent improvements (i.e., age of roof, furnace or boiler, replacement windows, water heater). It would be helpful if this list of any recent 'upgrades the home were available.  Inspectors seek 'assets' as well as items of concern. 

8.Information about any structural repairs, engineering reports, recent fires or major home  owner insurance claims.

9.Information about any past radon or lead test results.

10.Personal property is moved away from foundation or basement walls.

 For a more thorough inspection these guidelines will help, Thanks for reading and good luck on your next investment.        ' Smart Move Home Inspection LLC '        

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