Understanding Water Wells in Weston MA

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Are you thinking of installing a water well in Weston, MA. This article is geared towards understanding Weston MA Board of Health Regulations. Understanding your town regulations can be instrumental in compiling total project costs when it comes to drilling a water well in Weston, MA.

1. Permit Info:  Well construction permit fee: $150

2. Well Location: A plot plan is required when application is submitted.  Guidelines include

       All sources of contamination within 200ft of the site

       10ft away from property lines

       25ft from any driving surface on any public roadway.

       15ft from any road right of way

       25ft laterally of any lake, pond stream, or river

       50ft from septic tank.

       100ft from any leaching field.

       100ft from a privy

3. Water Quality testing: Comprehensive water analysis is sufficient.  This test includes total coliform, e.coli bacteria, arsenic, calcium, copper, iron, lead, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, alkilinity, ammonia, color, conductivity, chlorine, chloride, flouride, hardness, nitrate, nitrite, odor and sediment, ph, sulfate, turbidity (every three to five years)

4. Water Quantity testing: A four hour flow test will be sufficient. Flow tests should be conducted in the following manner.

A.   The volume of water necessary to support the household's daily need shall be determined using the following equation: (number of bedrooms plus one bedroom) x (110 gallons per bedroom) x (a safety factor of 2) = number of gallons needed daily.

B.    The storage capacity of the well shall be determined using the measured static water level and the depth and radius of the drill hole or casing.

C.   The Required Volume shall be calculated by adding the volumes of water in (1) and (2) above.  It is this volume of water that must be pumped from the well within a 24-hour period.

 Example 1: a one bedroom house with a well six (6) inches in diameter and contains 200 ft. of standing water:

1)  I bedroom + I bedroom = (2 bedrooms) x (I10 gallons per bedroom) x (safety factor of 2) = 440 gallons needed daily.

2.     the volume of a 6-inch well is 1.5 gallons for every foot of water column length. Therefore, (200 ft. of standing water) x (I. 5 gal/ft.) = 300 gallons.

3. 440 gallons + 300 gallons = 740 gallons that must be pumped from the well in 24 hours or less to demonstrate suitable capacity.  Recovery up to 85% of the static water level must also occur within 24 hours after cessation of pumping.

5. Real Estate Transfer Requirements: As of now, Weston, MA does not have any real estate transfer requirements posted. However we strongly suggest getting the water quality and quantity tested to show you are getting a clean, safe, and usable well.

 Wells on average in the Town of Weston MA range from 300-400 in depth however it’s not uncommon for wells to run shallower or deeper hence why it’s called the average. The casing depth averages at 40 feet however deeper pockets of rock are possible.

 If you have further questions contact the Weston Board Of Health at 781-786-5030

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