What size rooms work for me and my needs??

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What size rooms work for me and my needs??

Sizing Up the Right House for Your Needs is tricky since many of the homes you see are Short Sales which are vacant or Model Homes which are too perfect!  How can you quickly see if the empty room you are looking at will fit your furniture and your needs.  Don't guess.  Do something easy to get your brain in the right frame of mind.

First, go to your local hardware store and purchase an electronic measuring device.  This is one that you hold Electronic Measuring Tapeagainst one wall, and it measures the distance quickly and easily.  They are pretty accurate and easy to use.  The one pictured in this article is about $15.00 from Amazon.com.  Next, record into your smartphone or on a simple piece of paper, the sizes of each of the rooms in your current house.  You are familiar with your current living conditions and are aware of what rooms seem to be working, and what rooms you would have loved to be larger.  I know in my home, if I could have made a couple of closets larger and if I could have had a bigger laundry room, I would be happier.  Make notes about your house.  For example: "This is our smallest room, it is 10 x 12.  We like the window, but hate the closet.  We wish it was larger.  It has a twin bed."  

Once you arm yourself with the information from your current house, you are ready to attack the homes on the market.  Now when your walking through your dream home and you see the "spacious" Master, you can refer to your notes and truly decide whether it is really a spacious master or if it was just the Realtor's description!  You will know if your bed will fit, if the closet will work and you will easily be able to determine if your current furniture will work.

I've used this technique several times.  I find it works in two areas perfectly.  One, in a vacant house where you will have trouble judging space, unless you are a Designer, and the second place it works, is in a Model Home where Designers try to "fool you" into believing each room has plenty of space.  

Let me know what you think, after you try this simple but effective method of judging space next time you are shopping for a new home.  If you are in the East Valley of Arizona, call me, and I will show you just how easy it is, and just how much time it will save you.

Happy house hunting!

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