What Home Builders In Tampa FL Can Learn From THE SIMS

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By Lana Bingham

National Video Game Day pays tribute to those who choose to spend the entire day perched on the sofa, immersed in an epic video game marathon. Maybe you will even play hooky and “work on” testing out the new Madden NFL 13 game that just hit stores? Being a Tampa home builder, we decided to use our heads and learn a few tech tips from the ever popular game, “The Sims”.

1. Allow Your Customers To Make Selections: Since the creation of Sims, people have been captivated by the game’s capabilities of not only being able to create funny and interesting characters, but also design and build their dream homes. Now trust us, building a custom home in real life is nowhere near as simple as The Sims, but you get the idea. One similarity between these pixelated people and the real world is that when building a custom home, you get to make your own selections when it comes to floor plan, paint colors, flooring, appliances and other finishes. Now thankfully in real life, we have many more design options available, yet we are limited by not being able to cash in on unlimited cheat codes.

2. Communicate With Your Customers: Now we may not have to help our customers learn to cook or remind them to go to the bathroom, but we do need to make sure they are taken care of by keeping them well informed throughout the selection and construction process. So we don’t have our own special language like The Sims do (although you may hear some strange builder lingo, such as “SEER” and “T-Pole”), but we make sure to constantly communicate with our customers.

3. Respect Your Customers: Whether irritated, content or dumbfounded, a Sim wears their heart on their sleeve, so it’s important to keep their emotions in check. The Sims’ strategy is a lot more than just building homes, you are also building relationships with your Sims and keeping them satisfied. As home builders Tampa fl, we feel the same way about our customers and strive to keep them happy.

4. Protect Your Customers: Playing The Sims will teach you that stuff happens, and it is important to protect your assets. Whether it comes from a natural disaster or a burglary, you must protect your home. Alarm system pre-wiring, hurricane impact windows, mold and termite prevention and low VOC products are precautions that we take very seriously. Too bad The Sims doesn’t extend the same security as Tampa new home builders by offering their homeowners warranty protection.

From virtual to real world, home builders Tampa fl can live like a kid again by taking a few SIMulation tips. Whoever said you couldn’t learn something from a video game, never played The Sims. To learn more about “Livin’ Large” in your own custom home, contact us.

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Ashley Connolly
Northeast Water Wells Inc - Jaffrey, NH

Hi John

I loved playing this game when I was younger and think it is a great concept how you incorporated it into real life situations.  I may just have to pull my old game out after work and build another dream home.

Sep 12, 2012 02:00 AM